Substitutions can be used for validating data at the time of entry in SAP system. It is possibile to create custom user exits so that one can set his validations & conditions. User exits are user defined FORM routines that are used to calculate/replace values with in a substitution. What are substitutions? Whenever a data is entered in a system, validations are … Continua a leggere

NAV Certification Exam Preparation Guides

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Certification Exam Preparation Guides Select an exam from the list below to view the exam preparation guide. C/SIDE Introduction C/SIDE Solution Development Financial Series/Core Setup and Finance Installation & Configuration Manufacturing Relationship Management Service Management Trade & Inventory Warehouse Management C/SIDE Introduction Certification Title Exam Requirements Available Languages Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist – C/SIDE Introduction for … Continua a leggere

MB7-838 Exam

Installation & Configuration   Certification Title Exam Requirements Available Languages Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist – Installation and Configuration for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft Dynamics NAV Installation and Configuration Exam 2009 English 5.0 English Questions & Answers MB7-838.pdf

BW InfoSoure

BW InfoSources are sets of logically-related InfoObjs that are available in the form of a communication structure. Multiple DataSources can be assigned to an InfoSource, either from different source systems or not. Exceptions: Only one source system for hierarchies InfoSource. In transfer rule maintenance, you assign DataSource to InfoSource; determine whether the communication structure is filled with fixed values from … Continua a leggere

InfoProvider Query

If you have a query with all the characteristics and key figures from an InfoProvider, users will be very happy to use it instead of creating their new queries. The trick is the have all major variables in the varaible screen and train the users to use “Save View” feature of Bex web. BW also provides similar feature through RSRT, except there’s no variable screen … Continua a leggere

SAP System Administration Transactions

List of useful SAP System Administration Transactions (click continue for the complete list with all the details): ALXX DBXX OAXX RZXX SAXX SCXX SEXX SMXX SOXX STXX SUXX AL01 SAP Alert Monitor AL02 Database alert monitor AL03 Operating system alert monitor AL04 Monitor call distribution AL05 Monitor current workload AL06 Performance: Upload/Download AL07 EarlyWatch Report AL08 Users Logged On AL09 … Continua a leggere

OSS1 Guide

Configuration The SAProuter connection via transaction OSS1 continues to be used for the following RFC connections: – Transfer of EarlyWatch Alert data – Exchange of data using the SAP Notes Assistant To install and configure this transaction, proceed exactly as follows: Making the technical settings for OSS1 You must configure transaction OSS1 before you can use it. Choose “Parameter” fromthe … Continua a leggere

Remote Service Connections

Using Remote Service Connections on SAP Support Portal User Documentation How does it work? If you want to use SAP’s remote services (SAP EarlyWatch or Remote Consulting, for example), or if you want to allow an SAP Support Consultant to work directly in the system to diagnose problems more exactly, you have to open a remote service connection. Before opening … Continua a leggere

Mozy Backup

Per un breve periodo per ogni referrals avrete 512 MB extra di spazio gratuito PER SEMPRE!!!! Vi consiglio di provare questo software, è gratuito per sempre e ne resterete veramente soddisfatti. Può essere utile per i tuoi dati personali ed è sicuro perchè i dati sono crittografati e la trasmissione avviene in SSL ecc…. Leggi le varie recensioni per … Continua a leggere

ABAP/4 – Guida completa

Ecco a voi programmatori Sap una guida completa sull’ABAP in formato pdf…. Spero vi possa essere utile. ABAP/4 – Guida completa – Indice Capitolo 1 – Panoramica sull’ABAP/4 Capitolo 2 – Definizione dei dati in ABAP/4 Capitolo 3 – Istruzioni ABAP/4 Capitolo 4 – Internal tables Capitolo 5 – L’ABAP/4 Open SQL Capitolo 6 – Parameters e Selection-Screen Capitolo 7 … Continua a leggere