Sap Transactions G-J

GAL1 RGUCALE1 Update Assignment Table EDIMAP
GAL2 RGUCALE2 Generate Export/Import
GAL3 RGLEXE02 Export of G/L acct transactn figure
GAOV RGAOV Cycle Overview FI-SL
GAR5 RGULDB00 Display Structure of Local DBs
GA1D RGALLOC3 Delete allocation line items
GA11 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA11N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA12 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA12N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA13 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL actual assessment
GA13N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA14 SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA14N SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA15 SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL actual assessment
GA16 SAPMKGA1 Actual Assessment Overview
GA2A SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA2AN SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA2B SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA2C SAPMKGA1 Plan Assessment Overview
GA27 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA27N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA28 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA28N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA29 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA29N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA31 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL actual distribution
GA31N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Actual Distribution
GA32 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL actual distribution
GA32N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Actual Distribution
GA33 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL actual distribution
GA33N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Actual Distribution
GA34 SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL actual distribution
GA34N SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Actual Distribution
GA35 SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL actual distribution
GA36 SAPMKGA1 Actual Distribution Overview
GA4A SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA4AN SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA4B SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA4C SAPMKGA1 Plan Distribution Overview
GA47 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA47N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA48 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA48N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA49 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA49N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned Distribution
GB01 SAPMGBUK Document Entry for Local Ledgers
GB02 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.for Local Ledger
GB03 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.f.Global Ledgers
GB04 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.for Local Ledger
GB05 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.f.Global Ledgers
GB06 RGUSTORL Reverse Local FI-SL Actual Documnts
GB11 SAPMGBUK Document Entry for Global Ledgers
GB16 RGUSTORG Reverse Global FI-SL Actual Docmnts
GCAC RGUCOMP4 Ledger comparison
GCAE RGUCOMP4 Ledger comparison w/diff. clearing
GCAG RGUGLG05 Generate FI-SL Archiving
GCAN RGUDBANA Analysis of FI-SL Database Contents
GCAR RGUCOMP4 Ledger Comparison Remote
GCA9 RGALLOC4 Check allocation customizing
GCBW1 RGUCBIW0 Generate summ.table trans. structur
GCBW2 RGUCBIW1 Generate summ.table trans. structur
GCB1 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing Comp. Code
GCB2 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizing Comp.Code
GCB3 SAPMGCU0 Copy FI-SL Customizing Company Code
GCB4 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Delete Company Code
GCCG RGBCFL00 Generate Code for FI-SL
GCDE RGUDEL00 Delete FI-SL Transaction Data
GCDF SAPMGCU3 Delete FI-SL Transaction Data
GCD1 SAPMGCU1 FI-SL Customizing: Diagnosis Tool
GCD2 RGULIST0 List of FI-SL Direct Posting Tables
GCD3 SAPMGRAP Graphical Navigation in FI-SL
GCD4 RGULED00 Check General Ledger
GCD5 RGUCURRC Check Currencies in FI-SL
GCD6 RGUGRA03 Graphic Display of FI-SL Tables
GCEE RGCEUR00 FI-LC: Reconcil. of bal. carried fw
GCEF RGCEUR10 FI-LC: Reconcil. of fin. data table
GCEG RGCEUR50 Ingeration: Euro transaction types
GCEJ RGCORG00 Suggest FI-LC package assignment
GCEK RGCEUR30 Reconcil. integration <_> CF FILCT
GCEL RGCCHPEU Item substitution/Ret. earn. (CF)
GCEM RGCMBUEU Post extract in carryforward period
GCEN RGCEUR02 Check whether balance carried fwd
GCEP RGCEUR60 Delete period values for current yr
GCEU RGEURBAL Item can be Included in Bal.Sheet
GCF1 SAPMGCU0 Create FI-SL Customizng Fld Assign.
GCF2 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizng Fld Assign.
GCF3 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizng Fd Assign.
GCF4 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Delete Field Assignment
GCGE RGPLEP02 Activate Global Plan Line Items
GCGG RGICGLU1 Generation of GLU1
GCGS RGUSLSEP Reconciliation of total line items
GCG1 SAPMGCU0 Create FI-SL Customizing Glob.Comp.
GCG2 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing Glob.Comp.
GCG3 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizing Glob.Comp
GCG4 SAPMGCU0 Copy FI-SL Customizing Global Comp.
GCG5 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL Customizing: Delete Companies
GCHE SAPLGINC Monitor flexible general ledger
GCIN SAPLGINS Maintain FI-SL tables
GCIQ SAPLGINS Quick installation FI-SL
GCI1 SAPMGCU2 Installation of FI-SL Tables
GCI2 SAPMGCU2 FI-SL: Installation of Object Table
GCJU RGUJUMP0 Diagnosis: Direct Access to Functio
GCLE RGPLEP01 Activate Local Plan Line Items
GCL1 SAPMGCU0 Create FI-SL Customizing Ledger
GCL2 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing Ledger
GCL3 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizing Ledger
GCL4 SAPMGCU0 Delete FI-SL Customizing Ledger
GCL6 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Copy Ledger
GCM1 SAPMGUMS Conversion
GCRB SAPMKKB5 Report Selection
GCRE1 RGUCREP0 Activate drilldown rep. for SL tabl
GCRE2 RGUCREP1 Deactivate drilldown rep. – SL tabl
GCR1 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Create Field Assignment
GCR2 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Change Field Assignment
GCR3 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Display Field Assignment
GCR6 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL Customizing:Del.Rollup Fld.A.
GCR7 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Direct Access
GCR8 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Direct Access
GCTA SAPLGBLT Transport Rules
GCTR SAPMGTRA Transport from Report Writer object
GCTS SAPMGTRA Transport of sets and variables
GCT0 SAPLGBLT Transport of Substitutions
GCT1 SAPMGTRA Transport Ledger
GCT3 SAPMGTRA Control Information
GCT4 SAPMGTRA Transport Rollup
GCT5 SAPMGTRA Transport: Planning Parameters
GCT6 SAPMGTRA Transport Distribution Key
GCT7 SAPMGTRA Transport: Cycles
GCT8 SAPMGTRA Transport: Document Types
GCT9 SAPLGBLT Transport of Validations
GCUP RKEPCU20 Subsequently posting CO data to FIS
GCU0 MENUGCU0 Customizing FI-GLX Menu
GCU1 RGUREC10 Data Transfer from FI
GCU2 RGICGLU2 Generate G1U2
GCU3 RGUREC20 Transfer Data From CO
GCU4 RGUREC30 Subsequent Posting of Data From MM
GCU5 RKEPCU40 Subsequent Posting of Data frm Sale
GCU6 RGUREC50 CO plan doc subs. posting to FI-SL
GCU9 RGUUMS03 Delete Transaction Data
GCVO SAPMGCU0 Preparation for FI-SL Customizing
GCVZ RGUGBT00 Rule Maintenance
GCV1 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Create Activity
GCV2 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing Activity
GCV3 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizing Activity
GCV4 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL Customizing: Delete Activity
GCW4 SAPMF10Q Sp.Purpose Ldgr Currency Translatio
GCW7 SAPMGTRA Transport Currency Translation Mthd
GCZ3 RGUUMS10 Generate Report Groups
GC01 RGCCGS01 Call GS01 for LC
GC10 RGCT880 FI-LC: Print Companies
GC11 SAPMF10G Create Company Master Record
GC12 SAPMF10G Change Company Master Record
GC13 SAPMF10G Display Company Master Record
GC14 SAPMF10G Delete Company Master Record
GC16 SAPMF10S Create Subgroup Master Record
GC17 SAPMF10S Change Subgroup Master Record
GC18 SAPMF10S Display Subgroup
GC19 RGCT852 FI-LC: Print Subgroups
GC21 SAPMF10I Enter Individual Fin.Statement Data
GC22 SAPMF10I Display Individual Fin. Stmt Data
GC23 SAPMF10B FI-LC: Document Entry
GC24 RGCSHD00 FI-LC: Display Document
GC25 SAPMSNUM Maintain Consolidation Number Range
GC26 SAPMK21L FI-LC: Journal Entry Report
GC27 SAPMV76A FI-LC: Customize Journal Entry Repr
GC28 SAPMF10F Status Display
GC29 SAPMF10F Status Management
GC30 SAPMK21L FI-LC: Mass Reversal
GC31 SAPMF10Q FI-LC: Customize Curr. Translation
GC32 SAPMF10K FI-LC: Customizing Consolidation
GC33 SAPMF10T FI-LC: Financial Data Table Maint.
GC34 SAPMF10T FI-LC: Reported Data Table Display
GC35 SAPMF10N FI-LC: Transport Table Entries/Sets
GC36 SAPMF10N Transport connection: Cons.Inv.Cust
GC38 SAPMF10H Data transfer
GC39 RGCMOT00 Change Local Valuation Data
GC4P RGCHRY00 FI-LC Print Step-Consolidated Group
GC41 SAPMF10V GLT3 – Maintain GLT3 sub-assignment
GC44 SAPMF10E Send Financial Statement Data
GC45 RGCDELTK Delete Subgroup
GC50 RKKBRPTR Report Selection
GC51 SAPMKKB5 Report Selection
GC60 RGCZGECD Data for elim. of IC profit/loss
GC61 RGCTDE00 Export of Transaction Data
GC62 RGCTDI00 Import of Transaction Data
GC63 RGCLIA00 Liability Method
GC99 SAPMF10X Consolidation Test Data
GD00 RKKBRPTR Report Selection
GD02 SAPLGD23 FI-SL line item plan documents
GD12 SAPLGD24 Flex.G/L: Totals Record Display
GD13 SAPLGD13 Totals record display
GD20 SAPLGD23 Start Selectin FI-SL Line Items
GD21 SAPLGD24 Flexible G/L: Document Selection
GD22 SAPLGD24 Flex. G/L: Actual Document Display
GD23 SAPLGD23 FI-SL: Local Actual Document Displa
GD33 SAPLGD23 FI-SL: Global Actual Doc. Display
GD42 SAPLGD24 Flex. G/L: Plan Document Display
GD43 SAPLGD23 FI-SL: Local Plan Document Display
GD44 SAPLGD23 FI-SL: Global Plan Document Display
GD51 SAPMGUM1 Enter Local FI-SL Master Data
GD52 SAPMGUM2 Change Local FI-SL Master Data
GD53 SAPMGUM3 Display Local FI-SL Master Data
GD54 SAPMGUM6 Delete Local FI-SL Master Data
GD60 SAPMGUOB Create Code Combinations
GD61 SAPMGUOB Maintain Code Combinations
GD62 SAPMGUOB Display Code Combinations
GD63 SAPMGUOB Code combinations activation
GD64 SAPMGUOB Code combinations deactivation
GENC GENCODE Generate Source Code
GGB0 RGMGBR10 Validation Maintenance
GGB1 RGMGBR20 Substitution Maintenance
GGB4 SAPLGBL1 Analysis tool for valid./subst.
GINS SAPLGINC G/L installation
GJAA SAPMGJVAUP JOA Master Transaction
GJAC GJV2_ACT_IN_CLIActivate JVA in a Client
GJA1 SAPMGJVA Create joint operating agreement
GJA2 SAPMGJVA Change joint operating agreement
GJA3 SAPMGJVA Display joint operating agreement
GJA4 RGJAIN00 JOA master data catalog
GJA5 RGJACD00 Display changes for Joint Op. Agree
GJBR RGJVBR22 Billing reconciliation
GJBT RGJVBRTH Billing threshold check
GJCA RGJVHBCH Housebank switching
GJCB RGJVCB10 JV Cutback Program
GJCC RGJVCC00 Copy configuration from company cod
GJCN RGJVCNET Convenience netting
GJCU SAPMGJCG Cutback Ledger Update
GJC1 RGJGLXC1 Activate company in JV
GJC2 RGJGLXC2 Deactivate company in JV
GJDE RGJJVDEL Delete Joint Venture Data
GJEC RGJVEC00 Pre-Cutback Equity_Change Managemen
GJEV RGJVEVNT Process history
GJFA RGJVCYP1 Print Allocation Information
GJFB SAPMKGA2 Execute JV assessment – plan
GJF1 SAPMKAL1 Create JV assessment cycle – actual
GJF2 SAPMKAL1 Change JV assessment cycle – actual
GJF3 SAPMKAL1 Display JV assessment cycle – actua
GJF4 SAPMKAL1 Delete JV assessment cycle – actual
GJF5 SAPMKGA2 Execute JV assessment – actual
GJF6 SAPMKGA1 Overview JV assessment
GJF7 SAPMKAL1 Create JV assessment cycle – plan
GJF8 SAPMKAL1 Change JV assessment cycle – plan
GJF9 SAPMKAL1 Display JV assessment cycle – plan
GJGA RGJGRA01 Display JOA graphically
GJGB SAPMGBUK Document Entry for Local Ledgers
GJGO SAPMGJGO Driver transaction for customizing
GJGP SAPMGBUK Document Entry for Local Ledgers
GJGR SAPMGJGR Graphical Navigation JVA
GJG1 SAPMKAL1 Create JV distribution cycle -actua
GJG2 SAPMKAL1 Change JV distribution cycle -actua
GJG3 SAPMKAL1 Display JV distribution cycle-actua
GJG4 SAPMKAL1 Delete JV distribution cycle -actua
GJG5 SAPMKGA2 Execute JV distribution – actual
GJG6 SAPMKGA1 Overview distribution – actual
GJG7 SAPMKAL1 Create JV distribution cycle -plan
GJG8 SAPMKAL1 Change JV distribution cycle – plan
GJG9 SAPMKAL1 Display JV distribution cycle-plan
GJIS RGJVIS00 Install JV standard reports
GJJA RGJVLB00 JV Load Balancing
GJJ1 RGJVBJ02 Generate JADE audit file
GJJ2 RGJRXT00 Billing extracts
GJLI RGJVSO10 Summary ledger line items
GJLI2 RGJVSO20 Billing ledger line items
GJL2 SAPMGCU0 C JVA Change Ledger
GJL3 SAPMGCU0 C JVA Display Ledger
GJL7 RGUREC50 Plan Data Transfer by Documents
GJNO RGJNOUXD Non open item unreal. exchange diff
GJNR SAPMGJNR JV Number range customizing
GJPN RGJVPNET Partner Netting
GJP1 SAPFGJCG JVA NPI/CI Netting (with CI Grp)
GJQA SAPMV12A Change Condition Table (CRP)
GJQB SAPMV12A Change Condition Table (CRP)
GJQ0 MENUGJQ0 CRP Customising Menu
GJQ5 SAPMV13A Create Conditions (CRP)
GJQ6 SAPMV13A Change Conditions (CRP)
GJQ7 SAPMV13A Display Conditions (CRP)
GJQ8 SAPMV13A Create Conditions (Purchasing)
GJRC RGJVCCRC Cash Call Reclass
GJRS SAPMKKB5 Configure report selection
GJRX RKKBRPTR Bericht auswählen
GJR1 RGJVREP1 Summary Ledger Reporting
GJR2 RGJVREP2 Billing Ledger Reporting
GJR3 RGJVEDIA JV EDI Inbound: IDOC Status Report
GJR4 RGJVEDIB EDI: Invoice and Operating Statemen
GJR5 RGJVEDIC JV EDI Inbound: Unusual Expenditure
GJR6 RGJVEDID JV EDI Inbound: Memo AFE Projects
GJR7 RGJVEDIE JV EDI Inbnd: Expenditure Compariso
GJR8 RGJVEDI2 810/819 Mapping Report
GJR9 RGJVEDIG 810/819 Property Error
GJSX SAPMGJSX Call set maintenance
GJTR SAPMS38M C FI Month End Advance Tax Return
GJT0 SAPMGJAM Reverse AM/MM Transfer document
GJT1 SAPMGJAM JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT2 SAPMGJAM JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT3 SAPMGJAM JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT4 SAPMGJAM JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT5 SAPMGJAM JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT6 SAPMGJAM JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJVA RGJVTAX2 Advance Tax Report
GJVC MENUGJVC IS-OIL: Joint Venture Accounting co
GJVD RGJDEL00 Joint Venture Deletion
GJVE RGJEGH00 List Venture / Equity Groups
GJVG RGJVVBAT Bank Acct Switch – Create Data
GJVP MENUGJVP IS-OIL: Joint Venture Accounting pr
GJVV SAPMGJVDUP Joint Venture Master Transaction
GJV1 SAPMGJVD Create Joint Venture Master
GJV2 SAPMGJVD Change Joint Venture Master
GJV3 SAPMGJVD Display Joint Venture Master
GJV4 MENUGJV4 Joint Venture Customizing Menu
GJV5 RGJMCD00 Display Change Documents JV-Master
GJ0A SAPMGJB2 Non-Operated Billing by Operator V.
GJ0B SAPMGJB2 Non-Operated Billing by Venture V.2
GJ01 SAPMGJC1 Net Cash Call to Equity Group
GJ02 SAPMGJC1 JV Gross Cash Call To Equit Group
GJ03 SAPMGJC1 JV Net Cash Call To Project
GJ04 SAPMGJC1 JV Gross Cash Call To Project
GJ05 SAPMGJC1 JV Non-operated cash call to eq grp
GJ06 SAPMGJC1 JV Non-Operated Cash Call to Projec
GJ09 RGJJVD00 Joint Venture detailed information
GJ10 RGJVCF00 Yearly balance shifting
GJ11 RGJINF00 Joint Venture master data catalog
GJ12 RGJVBE01 Billing Ledger Extract
GJ13 RGJVBE02 Joint Venture Ledger Extract
GJ14 RGJVBR10 Hard Copy Billing
GJ17 RGJVRU00 Suspense Project / Equity Group
GJ18 SAPFGJRC Partner Suspense Clearing
GJ19 RGJVEA10 Equity Adjustments
GJ20 RGJVBASW Venture Bank Account Switching
GJ3R RGJV_ICMAP_CHECReconsile Intercompany Mapping
GJ4A RGJVGJ4A Periodic updates for company code
GJ54 RGJOAD00 JOA detailed information
GJ60 RGJVEDIX EDI Outbound Base Configuration
GJ82 SAPUGJC1 Create BTCI Sessions for Cash Calls
GJ83 RGJVAP00 JV Automatic posting
GJ84 SAPFGJCG JVA NPI/CI Netting (without CI Grp)
GJ85 RGJVAPCC JV Automated Postings (Cost Calcs)
GJ87 RGJJVTO1 Display summary ledger totals
GJ88 RGJJVTO2 Display billing ledger totals
GJ89 RGJESC00 Automatic Adjust of Overhead Rates
GJ90 RGJVRXDT JV Realized exchange differences
GJ91 RGJVUXDT JV Unrealized exchange
GJ92 RGJVW001 JV Goods receipt expense orders
GJ93 RFWERE00 JV Goods receipt inventory orders
GJ94 RGJPCO00 International Cost Calculations
GJ95 RGJOVR00 North American Overhead Calculation
GJ96 RGJBUR00 Payroll Burden Clearing
GJ97 RGJVUDOC Compare FI with JV document
GJ98 RGJOHD00 North America Overhead Detail Repor
GLA1 RGUT000GL Activate flexible G/L
GLBW SAPMS38M Foreign Currency Valuation:G/L Asst
GLCF RGUT882M Blnce carrd fwrd: Summ for P&L acct
GLC1 RGUT882M Flexible G/L: Currencies
GLC2 RGUT882M_LOCAL Flex.G/L: Activate local ledger
GLDE RGUDEL00 Deletion of Flex G/L transactn data
GLGCA9 RGALLOC4 Check allocation customizing
GLGCU1 RGURECGLFLEX Transfer opening balance flex. G/L
GLGCU2 RGCOPYGLT0 Copy transaction figures
GLGVTR SAPFGVTR Flexible G/L: Balance carry forward
GLLI RGPLEP01 Activate Local Plan Line Items
GLL1 SAPMGCU0 Create ledger
GLL2 SAPMGCU0 Change ledger
GLL3 SAPMGCU0 Display ledger
GLL4 SAPMGCU0 Delete ledger
GLPLC SAPMKES1 FI-SL Change Planning Layout
GLPLD SAPMKES1 FI-SL Display Planning Layout
GLPLI SAPMKES1 FI-SL Create Planning Layout
GLPLUP G_FLEX_UPL FI-SL: Excel Upload of Plan Data
GLR1 SAPMGCU0 Flex. G/L: Create rollup ledger
GLR2 SAPMGCU0 Flex. G/L: Change rollup ledger
GLR3 SAPMGCU0 Display flex. G/L rollup ledger
GLR4 SAPMGCU0 Flex. G/L: Delete rollup ledger
GL10 RGGL10 Flexible G/L: Transaction figures
GL21 SAPMGLRE Create rollup
GL22 SAPMGLRE Change rollup
GL23 SAPMGLRE Display rollup
GL24 SAPMGLRE Delete rollup
GL25 SAPMGLRV Execute rollup
GL26 SAPMGLRV Reverse rollup
GMLDBW RGUCBIW1 GM Special Ledger BW Extractors
GMS1 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Applications
GMS100 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Ctrl: Fld grp per activity
GMS101 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Ctrl: Fld grp per role cat
GMS102 BUSVIEWS GMGC: Authorization Types
GMS103 BUSVIEWS GMGC: Field Grps for Authorization
GMS104 BUSVIEWS GM: Visual Screen Tool
GMS105 BUSVIEWS GMGC: Field Groups for Ext.Applictn
GMS106 BUSVIEWS GMGC: Note View for Role Categories
GMS107 BUSVIEWS GMGC: Where-Used Views
GMS108 BUSVIEWS GM Field Grouping for Applctn Objec
GMS11 BUSVIEWS GM: Assign Scrn Flds to DB Fields
GMS12 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Field grp criteri
GMS13 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Role Categories
GMS14 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: BP Role Groupings
GMS15 BUSVIEWS GM: Application Transactions
GMS16 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Tables
GMS17 BUSVIEWS GM: External Applications
GMS18 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Activities
GMS19 BUSVIEWS GM: Function Module Activity
GMS2 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Field Groups
GMS200 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Change doc lists
GMS22 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Where-Used List:
GMS23 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Data sets
GMS24 BUSVIEWS GM Where used list define view
GMS25 BUSVIEWS GM Where used list – process to vie
GMS26 BUSVIEWS GM: BAPI Fields to Field Groups
GMS3 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Views
GMS4 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Sections
GMS5 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Screens
GMS6 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Screen Sequence
GMS7 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Events
GMS8 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: GUI Std Functions
GMS9 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: GUI Addl Function
GP12 SAPMGPLN Change Local Planned Values
GP12N PP_FISL1_DIA FI-SL: Change Plan Data
GP12NA PP_FISL1_DIA FI-SL: Display Plan Data
GP13 SAPMGPLN Display Local Planned Values
GP22 SAPMGPLN Change Global Planned Values
GP23 SAPMGPLN Display Global Planned Values
GP30 SAPLKEFV_MNT Maintain Distribution Keys
GP31 SAPMGPSP Create Distribution Key
GP32 SAPMGPSP Change Distribution Key
GP33 SAPMGPSP Display Distribution Key
GP34 SAPMGPSP Delete Distribution Key
GP41 SAPMGPLP Create Planning Parameters
GP42 SAPMGPLP Change Planning Parameters
GP43 SAPMGPLP Display Planning Parameters
GP44 SAPMGPLP Delete Planning Parameters
GP52 SAPMGPLC Local Source Data to Plan
GP62 SAPMGPLC Global Source Data to Plan
GP82 SAPMF02E Flexible G/L: Enter plan values
GP83 SAPMF02E Flexible G/L: Display plan values
GRAL RGRAPALL Calling SAP Graphics demos
GRE0 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Extract Management
GRE1 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Display Extracts
GRE5 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Delete Extracts
GRE6 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Print Extracts
GRE7 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Validity of Extracts
GRE8 REPPXXX0 Extracts: User Settings
GRE9 REPPXXXN Extracts: User settings; coll.maint
GRMG GRMG_MAINTENANCGeneric Request and Message Gen.
GRM1 SAPMGR01 Display Grouping WBS Elem Assign.
GRM2 SAPMGR02 Display MRP Group Assignments
GRM3 RGRPGA01 Colective Processing: Assignments
GRM4 SAPMGR01 Change Grouping Element Assignments
GRM5 SAPMGR02 Maintain MRP group assignments
GRM6 RGRPGA02 Grouping Consistency Check
GRM7 RGRPGA03 Display Grouping WBS Elem Assign.
GRPE RGRPEDIT Editor callup for FI/CO program
GRP1 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Display Extracts
GRP5 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Delete Extracts
GRP6 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Print Extracts
GRP7 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Validity of Extracts
GRRT RKCTRTX1 Report Painter: Translate reports
GRR1 SAPMKES1 RW: Create Row/Column Structure
GRR2 SAPMKES1 RW: Change formula
GRR3 SAPMKES1 RW: Display formula
GRR4 SAPMKES1 Create model
GRR5 SAPMKES1 Change model
GRR6 SAPMKES1 Display model
GRR7 RGRMTE00 Export models
GRR8 RGRMTI00 Import models
GRR9 RGRMTF00 Copy models from client
GR1L RGRDCS10 Directory: Standard Layout
GR11 SAPLGRWF Create Standard Layout
GR12 SAPLGRWF Change Standard Layout
GR13 SAPLGRWF Display Standard Layout
GR14 SAPLGRWF Delete Standard Layout
GR17 RGRSTE00 Export standard layouts
GR18 RGRJTI00 Import standard layouts
GR19 RGRSTF00 Copy standard layouts from client
GR2L RGRDCL10 Catalog: Libraries
GR21 SAPMGRWL Create Library
GR22 SAPMGRWL Change Library
GR23 SAPMGRWL Display library
GR24 SAPMGRWL Delete library
GR27 RGRLTE00 Export libraries
GR28 RGRJTI00 Import libraries
GR29 RGRLTF00 Copy libraries from client
GR3L RGRDCR10 Catalog: Reports
GR31 SAPMGRWD Create report
GR32 SAPMGRWD Change Report
GR33 SAPMGRWD Display report
GR34 SAPMGRWD Delete report
GR37 RGRRTE00 Export reports
GR38 RGRJTI00 Import reports
GR39 RGRRTF00 Copy reports from client
GR5G RGRJBG00 Generate report groups
GR5L RGRDCJ10 Directory: Report groups
GR51 SAPMGRWJ Create report group
GR52 SAPMGRWJ Change Report Group
GR53 SAPMGRWJ Display report group
GR54 SAPMGRWJ Delete report group
GR55 SAPMGRWJ Execute Report Group
GR57 RGRJTE00 Export report groups
GR58 RGRJTI00 Import report groups
GR59 RGRJTF00 Copy report groups from client
GSTA RGUREC40 Subsequent Pstng of Stat.Key Figure
GS01 SAPMGSBM Create set
GS02 SAPMGSBM Change Set
GS03 SAPMGSBM Display Set
GS04 SAPMGSBM Delete set
GS07 RGSSTE00 Exports sets
GS08 RGSSTI00 Import sets
GS09 RGSSTF00 Copy sets from client
GS11 SAPMGSGM Create Variable
GS12 SAPMGSGM Change Variable
GS13 SAPMGSGM Display Variable
GS14 SAPMGSGM Delete Variable
GS17 RGSVTE00 Export variables
GS18 RGSVTI00 Import variables
GS19 RGSVTF00 Copy variables from client
GS32 SAPMGRWX Create/Change Key Figures
GS33 SAPMGRWX Display Key Figures
GTDIS RK_GTDIS_STANDAGeneral Table Display
GVTR SAPFGVTR FI-SL: Balance Carry Forward
GWUG RGUUMR00 FI-SL: Global Currency Translation
GWUL RGUUMR01 FI-SL: Local Currency Translation
GZZG RGZZGLUX Generate FI-SL completely
HIER ADITEST8 Internal Maintnce of ApplCompnts
HMU1 DGICN_CUST_HAZIConvert Haz.-Inducers to Substances
HMU2 DGICN_HAZINDSUBConvert Hazard-Inducing Substances
HMU3 DGICN_IDENTIFIEConvert Dangerous Goods Description
HMU4 DGICN_NODG Convert Non-DG Indicators
HOSH SAPMEWAR Maintenance View for Table ADMI_CRI
HROBJ RPUCUS42 Customizing HR
HROM SAPMHROM Organizational Management reports
HRUSER SAPLEHUS Set Up and Maintain ESS Users
HR00 SAPMHR00 HR Report Selection
HUCANC RHU_GOODS_MOVEMMatl Doc. Cancellation of HU Gds Mv
HUCOWE RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Display Manufactured HUs
HUEX SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: HU_VEKP
HUGO SAPMFITP_SETTINSettings for Travel Planning
HUIBD RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Handling Units for Inbound Delivery
HUIND WSHUINDEX Database Indexes for Handling Units
HUMAT RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Handling Units Related to Matl Doc.
HUNK SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: LE_HU
HUOBD RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Display HUs for Outbound Delivery
HUP1 SAPLVHUDIAL HU creation in production
HUTRA RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Display HUs for Shipment
HU00 MENUHU00 Handling units
HU02 RHU_CHANGE_EXISCreating and Changing Handling Unit
HU04 RHU_CREATE_HU_WCreation of HUs with stock
HU05 RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Display of HUs for object
IAOMA IAOM_LOG_REPOR Log for Account Assignment Manager
IAOMB IAOM_LOG_DELET Delete Acc. Assignment Manager Log
IAOMC IAOM_LINK_ANAL Object Link Analysis Acct Managemen
IAOM0 IAOM_BUSINESS Business Scenario Translator
IAOM1 IAOM_CSCENARIO Maintain Controlling Scenario
IAOM2 IAOM_CUST_CO Maintain Controlling Integration
IA01 SAPLCPDI Create Equipment Task List
IA02 SAPLCPDI Change Equipment Task List
IA03 SAPLCPDI Display Equipment Task List
IA04 RMIAPL70 Display PM/SM Task List (A;E;T)
IA05 SAPLCPDI Create general task list
IA06 SAPLCPDI Change General Maintenance Task Lis
IA07 SAPLCPDI Display General Task List
IA08 RIPLKO10 Change PM Task Lists
IA09 RIPLKO10 Display Task Lists
IA10 RIPLKO20 Display Task Lists (Multilevel)
IA11 SAPLCPDI Create FunctLoc Task List
IA12 SAPLCPDI Change FunctLoc Task List
IA13 SAPLCPDI Display FunctLoc Task List
IA15 RMIAPL40 Task List Original Change Docs
IA16 RMIAPL20 Cost Maintenance Task Lists
IA17 RMIAPL30 Print Maintenance Task Lists
IA18 RMIAPL10 Display Task Lists by Class Search
IA19 RMIAPL10 Change Task Lists by Class Search
IA21 RMIAPL50 Evaluate Task List Change Documents
IA25 RPMREDE2 Deletion of PM Task Lists
IBIP SAPLIBIP PM: Batch Input Utility
IBIPA IBIPBAL Transaction for BAL of IBIP
IBI2 RIIBIP00 Plant Maintenance Batch Input
IB01 SAPMC29S Create Equipment BOM
IB02 SAPMC29S Change Equipment BOM
IB03 SAPMC29S Display Equipment BOM
IB05 SAPMC29S Change Equipment BOM Group
IB06 SAPMC29S Display Equipment BOM Group
IB07 SAPLCSAL Assign Equipment BOM to Plant
IB08 SAPLCSAL Change Equipment BOM – Plant Alloc.
IB09 SAPLCSAL Display Equipment BOM Plant Alloc.
IB11 SAPMC29S Create Functional Location BOM
IB12 SAPMC29S Change Functional Location BOM
IB13 SAPMC29S Display Functional Location BOM
IB15 SAPMC29S Change FunctLocation BOM Group
IB16 SAPMC29S Display FunctLocation BOM Group
IB17 SAPLCSAL Create FunctLoc. BOM Plant Assignmn
IB18 SAPLCSAL Change FunctLoc. BOM Plant Alloc.
IB19 SAPLCSAL Display FunctLoc. BOM Plant Alloc.
IB51 SAPLIBOF Create IBase
IB52 SAPLIBOF Change IBase
IB53 SAPLIBOF Display IBase
IB54 SAPLIBOF Change Two Installed Bases
IB55 SAPLIBOF Display Two Installations
IB61 SAPLIBSD Create Installed Base with Referenc
IB80 SAPMC29B Change Documents for Equipment BOM
IB81 SAPMC29B FunctLocation BOM Change Documents
IB90 SAPMSNUM Equipment BOM Number Ranges
IB91 SAPMSNUM FunctLocation BOM Number Ranges
ICNV SAPLSDB9 Incremental Conversion
IDCP IDPRCNINVOICE Printout on Prenumbered Forms
IDDH IDPR_INVOICE_HAUsed Prenumbered Forms Report
IDOC SAPMSEDR IDoc: Repair and check programs
IDVD IDPR_INVOICE_VOVoid Unused Prenumbered Forms
IDX1 IDXPORT Port Maintenance in IDoc Adapter
IDX2 IDXMETA Metadata Overview for IDoc Adapter
IDX3 IDXGETPARTNER Mass Assgt of IDoc to Log. Partners
IDX4 IDXPARTNER Assgt of IDoc to Log. Partners
IDX5 IDX_SHOW_MESSAGSAP Adapter – Monitoring
IECS MENUIECS Technical Objects
IE01 SAPMIEQ0 Create Equipment
IE02 SAPMIEQ0 Change Equipment
IE03 SAPMIEQ0 Display Equipment
IE05 RIEQUI20 Change Equipment
IE06 RIEQUI20 Change Equipment
IE07 RIEQUI30 Equipment List (Multi-level)
IE08 SAPMIEQ0 Create Equipment
IE10 SAPMIEQ5 Multiple Equipment Entry
IE20 RIEQUI_ALT_SEARReplacement Equipment Search
IE25 SAPMIEQ0 Create Production Resource/Tool
IE31 SAPMIEQ0 Create Fleet Object
IE36 RIFLET20 Display Vehicles
IE37 RIFLET20 Change Vehicles
IE4N SAPLIPW4 Equipment Installation and Removal
IFCU SAPLITOBFLTCON Consumption Transaction
IF00 MENUIF00 Production Resources/Tools
IHCFX RBFXNET FX netting with In House Cash
IHCRVS RFCHAINRVS Reversal of IHC Payment Orders
IHC01 IHC_BCAREVPO_ALCross-Bank Area Orders
IH01 RIIFLO10 Functional Location Structure
IH02 RIIRLO10 Reference Location Structure
IH03 RIEQUI10 Equipment Structure
IH04 RIEQUI10 Equipment Structure
IH05 RIMARA10 Material Structure
IH06 RIIFLO20 Display Functional Location
IH07 RIIRLO20 Display Reference Location
IH08 RIEQUI20 Display Equipment
IH09 RIMARA20 Display Material
IH10 RIEQUI20 Display Equipment
IH11 RIIFLO20 Display Functional Location
IH12 RIIFLO10 FunctLocation Structure
IH18 RIIRLO30 Ref. Location List (Multi-Level)
IH20 RIIBAS10 Where-Used List Time
IH21 RIIBAS20 IBase Structural Display
IH22 RIIBAS30 Where-Used List Time Interval
IK01 SAPLIMR0 Create Measuring Point
IK01R SAPLIMR0 Create Reference Measuring Point
IK02 SAPLIMR0 Change Measuring Point
IK02R SAPLIMR0 Change Reference Measuring Point
IK03 SAPLIMR0 Display Measuring Point
IK03R SAPLIMR0 Display Reference Measuring Point
IK04 SAPLIMR0 Create Measuring Points for Object
IK04R SAPLIMR0 Create Ref. Measuring Points for Ob
IK05 SAPLIMR0 Change Measuring Points for Object
IK05R SAPLIMR0 Change Ref. Measuring Points for Ob
IK06 SAPLIMR0 Display Measuring Points for Object
IK06R SAPLIMR0 Display Ref Measuring Points for Ob
IK07 RIIMPT20 Display Measuring Points
IK07R RIIMPT25 Display Reference Measuring Point
IK08 RIIMPT20 Change Measuring Points
IK08R RIIMPT25 Change Reference Measuring Point
IK09 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range for Table IMP
IK10R SAPMILO2 Transfer Data from Ref Measuring Pn
IK11 SAPLIMR0 Create Measurement Document
IK12 SAPLIMR0 Change Measurement Document
IK13 SAPLIMR0 Display Measurement Document
IK14 SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK15 SAPLIMR0 Take Up Measurement Reading Transfe
IK16 SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK17 RIIMR020 Display Measurement Documents
IK18 RIIMR020 Change Measurement Documents
IK19 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range for Table IMR
IK21 SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK22 SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK31 SAPLIMR7 Create MeasReading Entry List
IK32 SAPLIMR7 Change MeasReading Entry List
IK33 SAPLIMR7 Display MeasReading entry list
IK34 SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK41 RIARCMRI Display MeasDocs From Archive
IK51 RIMPHIER MeasReading Transfer Structure
IK52 RIMPHIST MeasReading Transfer History
IK71 SAPLIMRI Create Meas. Document in Internet
IL01 SAPMILO0 Create Functional Location
IL02 SAPMILO0 Change Functional Location
IL03 SAPMILO0 Display Functional Location
IL04 SAPMILO1 Create FunctLocation: List Entry
IL05 RIIFLO20 Change Functional Location
IL06 SAPMILO2 Data Transfer From FunctLocation
IL07 RIIFLO30 Funct. Location List (Multi-Level)
IL08 SAPMILO0 Create Functional Location
IL09 RIFLUSPR User Profile for Labeling
IL10 RI_IFLOS_REUSE Reusability of Historical Labels
IL11 SAPMILO0 Create Reference Location
IL12 SAPMILO0 Change Reference Location
IL13 SAPMILO0 Display Reference Location
IL14 SAPMILO1 Create RefLocation: List Entry
IL15 RIIRLO20 Change Reference Location
IL16 SAPMILO2 Data Transfer from RefLocation
IL17 SAPMILO2 Take up Data Transfer
IL18 SAPMILO2 Data Transfer From Equipment
IL20 RIIFLO20 Change Functional Location
IMAI RKKBRPTR CI Management Info System
IMAMB MASSBACK Automatic Mass Change
IMAMP RAIMARED Blanket Change to Plan Values
IMAN SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: IMAK
IMAP SAPMKBUD Change plan for appropriation req.
IMAPL SAPLAIAWEB1 Overview Planning (Planner)
IMAPL2 SAPLAIAWEB1 Overview Planning
IMAPL3 SAPLAIAWEB1 Overview Planning (Easy Web)
IMAQ SAPMKBUD Display plan for appropriation req.
IMAR SAPMKBUD Plan investment portion of app.req.
IMAS SAPMKBUD Display plan: Appropriation request
IMAV SAPMKBUD Change plan revenues
IMAW SAPMKBUD Display plan revenues
IMA0 MENUIMA0 Appropriation Requests
IMA1 SAPLAIA1 Create appropriation request
IMA1N SAPLAIA1 Create Appropriation Request
IMA11 SAPLAIA1 Individual Processing
IMA12 SAPLAIA1 Individual Processing (Planner)
IMA13 SAPLAIA1 Individual Processing (Web Trans.)
IMA2 SAPLAIA1 Change appropriation request
IMA2N SAPLAIA1 Change Appropriation Request
IMA3 SAPLAIA1 Display appropriation request
IMA3N SAPLAIA1 Display Appropriation Request
IMA4 SAPLAIA1 Delete appropriation request
IMA4N SAPLAIA1 Delete Appropriation Request
IMA6 RAIMAVCY Copy version assignmt to measure
IMBC RAICCUS1 IM Summariz: Settings in file
IMBD RAICDHD1 IM Summariz: Delete values/hierarch
IMBE RAICEND2 IM Summarization: Delete entities
IMBM RAICMON1 IM Summarization: Monitor
IMBPUP RAIMBPUP Plan/Budget Rollup
IMB0 RAICHIER IM Summariz: Replicate hierarchy
IMB1 RAICDAR1 IM Summariz: Replicate curr. values
IMB2 RAICENR1 IM Summariz: Replicate entities
IMB3 RAICDAS2 IM Summariz: Current values in file
IMB4 RAICENS2 IM Summariz: Entities in file
IMB5 RAICDAR2 IM Summariz: Values from file
IMB6 RAICENR2 IM Summariz: Entities from file
IMB7 RAICDAC1 IM Summarization: Copy values
IMB8 RAICDAS3 IM Summariz: Summarized val. in fil
IMCAOV RAIMCAOV Budget Carryfwd for Inv.Programs
IMCB RKDBAT02 IM Summarization: Background report
IMCC SAPMKCC0 IM Summarization: Curr. transl. typ
IMCCP1 RAIMCCP1 Copy Plan -> Budget (Inv.Prog)
IMCCP2 RAIMCCP2 Transfer App.Req. Plan -> Meas. Pla
IMCCP3 RAIMCCP3 Copy Plan -> Budget (Projects)
IMCCP4 RAIMCCP4 Copy Plan -> Budget (Orders)
IMCCV1 RAIMCCP1 Copy Plan Vers. -> PlanVers(InvProg
IMCG RAIMGENCHAR Summariz. IM: Gen. User-Def. Char.
IMCK RICTIMCK IM Summariz: Calculated key figures
IMCM SAPMKCB9 IM Summariz: Test monitor f. report
IMCO RKCOBTR2 IM Summarization: Transport reports
IMCOC1 RAIMCCP1 Consistency Check (Inv.Prog.)
IMCOC3 RAIMCCP3 Consistency Check (Projects)
IMCOC4 RAIMCCP4 Consistency Check (Orders)
IMCP RKCOBTR4 IM Summarization: Transport forms
IMCRC1 RAIMCCP1 Currency Reacalculation (Inv.Prog.)
IMCRC2 RAIMCRC2 Currency Recalculation (App.Req.)
IMCRC3 RAIMCCP3 Currency Recalculation (Projects)
IMCRC4 RAIMCCP4 Currency Recalculation (Orders)
IMCT RKCTRTX1 IM Summar: Translation of drilldown
IMCTX RSIMCTRX Intermode Communication
IMCU MENUIMCU Config. menu Investment Management
IMCV RKES0101 IM Summarization: Global variables
IMCX RKDREOBE IM Summarization: Reorg. reports
IMCY RKDREODA IM Summarization: Reorg. report dat
IMCZ RKDREOFO IM Summarization: Reorg. forms
IMC0 SAPMKCEE IM Summarization: Execute Report
IMC1 SAPMKCEE IM Summarization: Create report
IMC2 SAPMKCEE IM Summarization: Change report
IMC3 SAPMKCEE IM Summarization: Display report
IMC4 SAPMKES1 IM Summarization: Create form
IMC5 SAPMKES1 IM Summarization: Change form
IMC6 SAPMKES1 IM Summarization: Create form
IMC8 RCNRCJES IM Summarization: Client copy repor
IMC9 RCNRCJEW IM Summarization: Client copy form
IMDB RKDBAT02 App.req: Execute report in backgrnd
IMDC SAPMKCC0 App. req: Currency translation key
IMDG RAIMGENCHAR Generate User-Defined Characteristi
IMDK RIRTIMDK App.req: Calculated key figures
IMDM SAPMKCB9 App.req: Test monitor report
IMDO RKCOBTR2 App. req: Transport reports
IMDP RKCOBTR4 App. req: Transport forms
IMDT RKCTRTX1 App. req: Translate drilldown
IMDV RKES0101 App. req: Global variables
IMDX RKDREOBE App. req: Reorganization reports
IMDY RKDREODA App. req: Reorganization report dat
IMDZ RKDREOFO App. req: Reorganization of forms
IMD0 SAPMKCEE App.req: Execute report
IMD1 SAPMKCEE App.req: Create report
IMD2 SAPMKCEE App.req: Change report
IMD3 SAPMKCEE App.req: Display report
IMD4 SAPMKES1 App.req: Create form
IMD5 SAPMKES1 App.req: Change form
IMD6 SAPMKES1 App.req: Display form
IMD8 RCNRCJES App.req: Client copy report
IMD9 RCNRCJEW App.req: Client copy form
IMEB RKDBAT02 Background processing of reports
IMEC SAPMKCC0 Maint. of currcy.conv. type inv.prg
IMEG RAIMGENCHAR Generate User-Defined Characteristi
IMEK RIPTIMEK Maintain ratios
IMEM SAPMKCB9 Test monitor – inv. prog. reports
IMEO RKCOBTR2 Transport inv. prog. reports
IMEO1 OM_START_NF Create Inv.Program in Enterprise Or
IMEO2 OM_START_NF Change Inv.Program in Enterp. Org.
IMEO3 OM_START_NF Display Inv.Program in Enterp. Org.
IMEP RKCOBTR4 Transport forms for inv. program
IMEQ RKCOBTR3 Import inv.prog. rep. frm client 00
IMER RKCOBTR5 Import forms from client 000
IMET RKCTRTX1 Transl. tool – Dr.-down rep.
IMEU RAIPEWU1 Euro conversion: IM postproces.prog
IMEV RKES0101 Maintain global variables
IMEX RKDREOBE Reorganize invest. program reports
IMEY RKDREODA Reorganize inv. prog. report data
IMEZ RKDREOFO Reorganize forms for inv.prog.repor
IME0 SAPMKCEE Execute Inv. Program Report
IME1 SAPMKCEE Create cap.inv.program report
IME2 SAPMKCEE Change cap.inv.program report
IME3 SAPMKCEE Display cap.inv.prog. report
IME4 SAPMKES1 Create layout set for inv.prog. rep
IME5 SAPMKES1 Change layout set for inv.prog. rep
IME6 SAPMKES1 Display layout set for inv.prog.rep
IME8 RCNRCJES Client transport-inv. prog.reports
IME9 RCNRCJEW Client transport of forms
IMIG SAPLSDB9 Incremental Migration
IMI0 RKKBRPTR CI Management Info System
IMKBUD RAIMKBUD Original Budget = Current Budget
IMPBA3 RAIMCCP3 Plan/Budget Adjustment (Projects)
IMPBA4 RAIMCCP4 Plan/Budget Adjustment (Orders)
IMR1 RAIMINFO Values for Capital Investment Prog.
IMR3 RAIMDELE Delete Whole Capital Investment Prg
IMR4 RAIMAVAR1 App.Req. w/o Distrib.; w/o Variants
IMR5 RAIMAVAR2 App.Req. w/ Distrib.; w/o Variants
IMR6 RAIMAVAR3 App.Req. w/o Distrib.; w/ Variants
IMR7 RAIMAVAR4 App. Request w/ Distrib. w/ Variant
IMR8 RAIMNOTCON Non-Assigned Measures/App.Req.
IMR9 RAIMHERCHK Check of Inheritance in Inv.Program
IMSL RAIMLANG Set language for text
IMV1 RAIMAETP Changes to Investment Programs
IMV2 RAIMAEPR Changes to CI Program Positions
IM00 MENUIM00 Investment programs
IM01 SAPLAIP2 Create Investment Program
IM02 SAPLAIP2 Change Investment Program
IM03 SAPLAIP2 Display Investment Program
IM05 RAIMACHG Reassign Measures/Approp.Requests
IM11 SAPLAIP2 Create Investment Program Position
IM12 SAPLAIP2 Change Investment Program Position
IM13 SAPLAIP2 Display Inv. Program Position
IM22 SAPLAIP2 Change Investment Program Structure
IM23 SAPLAIP2 Display Investment Program Structur
IM24 RAIM_GEN_FROM_OCreate Investment Program
IM25 RAIM_GEN_FROM_HCreate Investment Program
IM27 RAIMCOPY IM: Open new approval year
IM28 RAIMCOPY Copy investment program
IM30 SAPMKBUD Change Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.
IM31 SAPMKBUD Display Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.
IM32 SAPMKBUD Change Budget of Inv. Prog. Positio
IM33 SAPMKBUD Display Budget of Inv.Prog.Position
IM34 RAIMCOPY Determining Default Plan Value IM
IM35 SAPMKBUD Change Plan on Inv. Program Positio
IM36 SAPMKBUD Display plan on prog. position
IM38 SAPMKBUD Change return on program position
IM39 SAPMKBUD Display return on program position
IM40 SAPMKBUD Change supplement on operative objs
IM41 SAPMKBUD Display suppmt on operative objects
IM42 SAPMKBUD Change budget operative objects
IM43 SAPMKBUD Display budget operative objects
IM44 RAIMCOPY Determining Default Budget Value IM
IM48 SAPMKBUD Change return on operative objects
IM49 SAPMKBUD Display return on operative objects
IM52 RAIMSELM Process budget distribution
IM53 RAIMSELM Display budget distribution
IM54 RAIMCOPY Investment Program Reorganization
IM64 RAIMCOPY Transfer from Old Investment Progra
IN01 SAPMINE0 Create object link
IN02 SAPMINE0 Change object link
IN03 SAPMINE0 Display object link
IN04 SAPMINE0 Create FunctLoc Object Link
IN05 SAPMINE0 Change FunctLoc Object Link
IN06 SAPMINE0 Display FunctLoc Object Link
IN07 SAPMINE0 Create Object Link for Equipment
IN08 SAPMINE0 Change Object Link for Equipment
IN09 SAPMINE0 Display Object Link for Equipment
IN15 RINET0T0 Change FunctLoc Object Network
IN16 RINET0T0 Display Object Network for FunctLoc
IN18 RINET0E0 Change Object Network for Equipment
IN19 RINET0E0 Display Object Network for Equipmen
IN20 SAPMSNUM Object link number ranges
IPCS MENUIPCS Maintenance Planning
IPMACT IPM_ACE_PERIODICalculate and Post Accruals
IPMD RIIPMD00 Maintain/Display Permits
IPM2 RIGENE10 Change Permit
IPM3 RIGENE10 Display Permit
IP00 MENUIP00 Maintenance Planning Menu
IP01 SAPLIWP3 Create Maintenance Plan
IP02 SAPLIWP3 Change Maintenance Plan
IP03 SAPLIWP3 Display Maintenance Plan
IP04 SAPLIWP3 Create Maintenance Item
IP05 SAPLIWP3 Change Maintenance Item
IP06 SAPLIWP3 Display Maintenance Item
IP10 SAPLIWP3 Schedule Maintenance Plan
IP11 RISTRA00 Maintain Maintenance Strategies
IP11Z RISTRA00 Maintain Cycle Set
IP12 RISTRA00 Display Maintenance Strategies
IP12Z RISTRA00 Display Cycle Set
IP13 RMSTRA00 Package Order
IP14 RMSTRA30 Where-Used List by Strategy
IP15 RIMPLA00 Change Maintenance Plan
IP16 RIMPLA00 Display Maintenance Plan
IP17 RIMPOS00 Change Maintenance Item
IP18 RIMPOS00 Display Maintenance Item
IP19 RIMHIS00 Graphical scheduling overview
IP20 SAPMSNUM Maintenance plan number assignment
IP21 SAPMSNUM Maintenance item number assignment
IP22 SAPMSNUM Maintain number range: OBJK_NR
IP24 RIMHIO00 Scheduling overview list form
IP25 RIARCMPL Set deletion flag for maint. plans
IP30 RISTRA20 MaintSchedule Date Monitoring
IP31 RISTRA30 Maintenance Plan Cost Display
IP40 SAPLIWP3 Add Service Plan for Purchasing
IP41 SAPLIWP3 Add single plan
IP42 SAPLIWP3 Add strategy-controlled plan
IP43 SAPLIWP3 Add multiple counter plan
IP50 SAPLIWP3 Create ref. for maint. contract ite
IP51 RIVEDA00 Maintenance contract item lists
IP62 RMIAPL60 Material Where-Used List: Task List
IQM1 SAPMV13B Create cond. records qual.notificat
IQM2 SAPMV13B Change cond.records qual.notificatn
IQM3 SAPMV13B Display cond.records qual.notificat
IQS1 SAPLIQS0 Create Notification – Extended View
IQS12 SAPLIQS0 Process Task
IQS13 SAPLIQS0 Display Task
IQS2 SAPLIQS0 Change Notification – Extended View
IQS21 SAPLIQS0 Create Notif. – Simplified View
IQS22 SAPLIQS0 Process Notif. – Simplified View
IQS23 SAPLIQS0 Display Notif. – Simplified View
IQS3 SAPLIQS0 Display Notification – Extended Vie
IQS8 RIQSMEL1 Worklist: Notifications (General)
IQS8WP RIQSMEW1 IQS8 – Call from Workplace/MiniApp
IQS9 RIQSMEL2 Worklist: Tasks (General)
IQS9WP RIQSMEW2 IQS9 – Call from Workplace/MiniApp
IQ01 SAPMIEQ0 Create Material Serial Number
IQ02 SAPMIEQ0 Change Material Serial Number
IQ03 SAPMIEQ0 Display Material Serial Number
IQ04 SAPMIEQ0 Create Material Serial Number
IQ08 RIEQUI21 Change Material Serial Number
IQ09 RIEQUI21 Display Material Serial Number
IR00 MENUIR00 PM Resource Planning Menu
ISE0 MENUISE0 Funds Management
ISISMN MENUISISMN Insurance Applications
ISNR SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ISDB
IS00 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ISMP
IS01 SAPLISMA Solution DB – Create/Display/Change
IS02 TEXT_INDEXING Text Indexing for Solution Database
IS03 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ISOL
ITS00 SAP_TEST_IAC Starting transaction for test IAC
ITS03 SAP_TEST_IAC Test IAC: Request Generator
ITS18 SAP_TEST_IAC Test IAC: Start servive via call TR
IT03 SAPMITST1 Test IAC: internal development
IT12 SAPMITST1 Test IAC language-dependent
IT13 SAPMITST1 Test IAC: language-independ templat
IT18 SAPMITST1 Test IAC: start service via call TA
IT19 SAPMITST1 Test IAC: Call Trans Skip Screen
IWBK RIAUFMVK Material availability information
IWR1 SAPLIREV1 Create / Change Revision
IWR2 SAPLIREV1 Display Revision
IWWW SAPMIWOW Create Service Notification (WWW)
IW12 RIBELF20 Document flow list
IW13 RIMAT000 Material Where-used List
IW20 SAPMSNUM Quality Notification No. Assignment
IW21 SAPLIQS0 Create PM Notification – General
IW22 SAPLIQS0 Change PM Notification
IW23 SAPLIQS0 Display PM Notification
IW24 SAPLIQS0 Create PM Malfunction Report
IW25 SAPLIQS0 Create PM Activity Report
IW26 SAPLIQS0 Create Maintenance Request
IW27 RIARCQM3 Set deletion flag f. PM notificatio
IW28 RIQMEL20 Change Notifications
IW29 RIQMEL20 Display Notifications
IW29WP RIQMEW20 IW29 – Call from Workplace/MiniApp
IW3K SAPLCOIH Change order component list
IW3L SAPLCOIH Display Order Component List
IW3M RIAUFM20 List of Goods Movements for Order
IW30 RIQMEL10 Notification List (Multi-Level)
IW31 SAPLCOIH Create Order
IW33 SAPLCOIH Display PM Order
IW34 SAPLCOIH PM Order for PM Notification
IW36 SAPLCOIH Create PM Sub-Order
IW37 RIAFVC20 Change Operations
IW37N RI_ORDER_OPERATChange Orders and Operations
IW38 RIAUFK20 Change PM Orders
IW39 RIAUFK20 Display PM orders
IW40 RIAUFK10 Display Orders (Multi-Level)
IW41 SAPLCORU Enter PM Order Confirmation
IW42 SAPLCMFU Overall Completion Confirmation
IW43 SAPLCORU Display PM Order Confirmation
IW44 SAPLCORU PM Order Collective Confirmation
IW45 SAPLCORU Cancel PM Order Confirmation
IW46 RMAFRU01 Postprocessing of PDC Error Records
IW47 RIAFRU20 Confirmation List
IW48 RIAFVC10 Confirmation using operation list
IW49 RIAFVC20 Display Operations
IW49N RI_ORDER_OPERATDisplay Orders and Operations
IW51 SAPLIQS0 Create Service Notification-General
IW52 SAPLIQS0 Change Service Notification
IW53 SAPLIQS0 Display Service Notification
IW54 SAPLIQS0 Create Service Notification-Malfn.
IW55 SAPLIQS0 Create Activity Report
IW56 SAPLIQS0 Create service request
IW57 RIARCSM3 Set Deletion Flag For Notification
IW58 RIQMEL20 Change Service Notifications
IW59 RIQMEL20 Display Service Notifications
IW61 SAPLCOIH Create Historical PM Order
IW62 SAPLCOIH Change Historical Order
IW63 SAPLCOIH Display Historical PM Order
IW64 RIQMEL60 Change Activities
IW65 RIQMEL60 Display activities
IW66 RIQMEL30 Change Tasks
IW67 RIQMEL30 Display Tasks
IW68 RIQMEL40 Change Notification Items
IW69 RIQMEL40 Display Notification Items
IW70 SAPLCOKO Orders Overall Network Scheduling
IW72 RIAUFK20 Change Service Order
IW73 RIAUFK20 Display Service Order
IW74 RIVEDA20 Change Contract for Serviceable Ite
IW75 RIVEDA20 Display Serviceable Item Contract
IW8W SAPLCOIH Goods Receipt f. Refurbishment Orde
IW81 SAPLCOIH Create Refurbishment Order
IXMLT4 BCCIIXMLT4 iXML Test Transaction for ITS
I009 SAPMSNUM Location/AccAsst No. Range (ILOA)
JBAI RJBRSTDB Load saved Dataset
JBAN RJBRCUS1 Update Field Catalog
JBAP SAPMJBRA Create Maintain Analysis Structures
JBAR RJBRTOL2 Generate service programs
JBAT SAPMKKB5 Report Selection
JBAX RJBRSTDD Delete Saved Dataset
JBBA RJBAUFWP Position Generation – Securities
JBBB RJBAUFBD Position Determ.-Stock Ex.Der.
JBBD RJBAUFDE Forex Position Determination
JBBE MENUJBBE Valuation Setting
JBBEW SAPMJBDBEW Maintain Position Changes
JBBG MENUJBBG Position Groups
JBBPU RJBDREOFCBPUM Reorg.of Field Cat.for BP Conversio
JBB0 SAPMJBD6 Create Position Object
JBB1 SAPMJBD6 Change Position
JBB2 SAPMJBD6 Display Position
JBB3 SAPMJBD6 Maintain Position Values
JBB4 SAPMJBD6 Display Position Values
JBB5 RKCMKCGD Edit characteristics
JBB6 RKCMKCGD Edit Value Fields
JBCF SAPL0K01 Maintain Condition Type
JBDCD JBD_CHGPTR_DELEDelete Change Pointers
JBDEM JBD_CHGPTR_MONIOverview of Change Pointers
JBDO SAPMJBDO Financial Object
JBD1 SAPMKCEE Execute data mining report
JBD2 SAPMKCEE Create Data Mining Report
JBD3 SAPMKCEE Change data mining report
JBD4 SAPMKCEE Display Data Mining Report
JBD5 SAPMKES1 Data mining: Create form
JBD6 SAPMKES1 Data mining: Change form
JBD7 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Display Form
JBD8 RKCDUMDM Display Results of Data Mining
JBGK SAPMJBD7 Maintain Yield Curve Types
JBG0 SAPMKEA3_NEW CO-PA Bank: Edit Operating Concern
JBG0O SAPMKEA3 CO-PA Bank: Edit Operating Concern
JBHTL RJBRHITRL Translate Characteristic Hierarchie
JBHTR RJBRHITR Transport Characteristic Hierarchie
JBI1 RKE_CALL_PA_SSTPA transfer structure CO
JBKA RJBTCKA1 SAP Banking: Costing Sheet Analysis
JBKW SAPLJBKWTP Actual Process Allocation: Fin. Obj
JBK1 SAPMKES1 Preliminary Costing: Create Form
JBK2 SAPMKES1 Preliminary Costing: Change form
JBK3 SAPMKES1 Preliminary Costing: Display Form
JBLDC SAPMJBLC Var. Transaction Ledger Dimensions
JBLF RKCDLMON Determine Log Number
JBLZ MENUJBLZ Maturity band
JBMK SAPMJBMK Required/Optional Fields
JBMS RJBRMSSE Set filter for messages
JBMT SAPMMTSK Multitasking Maintenance
JBMU SAPMJBMU Display Required/Optional Fields
JBMVT MENUJBMVT Business Partner Configuration Menu
JBM10 RJBEUVTS Euro Reversal: Variable Transaction
JBM2 SAPMJBM0 Maint. Transact. Disbursements
JBM3 SAPMJBE0 SAP Banking: EURO Log Administratio
JBM4 SAPMJBEU SAP Banking: EURO Conversion Lo/FT
JBM5 RJBEURKK EURO Conversion: Current Accounts
JBM6 RJBEUKKS EURO Conv.: Current Accnts (Reverse
JBM7 RJBEURWP EURO Conversion Security
JBM8 RJBEUWPS EURO Conversion Security (Cancel)
JBM9 RJBEURVT Euro Conversion: Variable Transact.
JBNA RJBRBPNW Regenerate RM Area
JBPH MENUJBPH Portfolio hierarchy
JBRBP RJBRBPREO Reorganize Base Portfolios
JBRCT RJBRCVTR RM: Transport of Char. Values
JBRCU RJBRCVCU Edit Characteristic Values
JBRCV RJBRCVAP Maintenance of Characteristic Value
JBRDG RJBRDERG Generate Program for Char.Derivatio
JBRDV RJBRDRVAL Maintain Derivation of Rule Entries
JBRFG SAPMKCGF Edit field groups
JBRF0 RJBRRMSP Collective Processing of FOs
JBRGE RJBRTRGE Generate Program Env. for RM Area
JBRGV RJBRGENV Reorganize Maintenance Modules
JBRI RJBRNV02 Risk Management: Grid Analysis
JBRIN RJBRSIIN Initialize view
JBRJ RJBRNV01 Risk Mgmt: Sensitivity Analysis
JBRK RRMPH001 Display Portfolio Hierarchies
JBRKA RJBRPHSH Display Portfolio Hierarchy (old)
JBRLZB RJBLZB Maintain Maturity Band
JBRMP0 RJBRRMPRT Logs for Financial Object
JBRMP1 RJBRRMPRT Logs for Portfolio Hierarchies
JBRN RJBRVREGC Restructuring per View
JBRNR RJBRNROB Number Range Administration
JBRP0 RJBRPHUPDA Update Portfolio Hierarchy (Experts
JBRR SAPMJBRR_CLASS Maintain Risk Hierarchy
JBRU RJBRSVAC Single Value Analysis: Sensitivity
JBRUD RJB_REUSE_DISPLBanking Reuse Library Display
JBRUM RJB_REUSE_MAINTBanking Reuse Library Maintenance
JBRW RRMPH001 Generate Portfolio Hierarchy
JBRX RJBRSVAC Single Value Analysis: NPV
JBRY RJBRSVAC Single Value Analysis: Hist. Sim.
JBRZ RJBRDRCL Maintain Derivation Strategy
JBR0 SAPMJBRSN Maintain Market Data Shifts
JBR1 RJBRCHEK Check Selected Settings
JBR10S SAPMJBR10 RM: Display External Key Figures
JBR10U SAPMJBR10 RM: Maintain External Key Figures
JBR2 RJBRSTDSHOW Display Saved Data
JBR3 RJBRCFKZ Assign Flow Type to Cash Flow Indic
JBR4 RRMPH001 Delete Portfolio Hierarchies
JBR4E RRMPH001 Deactivate Portfolio Hierarchies
JBR5 RJBRPHUPD Update Portfolio Hierarchy
JBR7 RJBRSLZB Display Maturity Band
JBR8 RJBRPHAD Adjust Portfolio Hierarchy
JBR9 RJBRBPAG Report for Aggr. Base Portfolio Dat
JBSV SAPMJBDD Maintain Service
JBSY MENUJBSY IS-B: Treasury Master Data
JBTA SAPMJBTR Costing Rule for Node Costing
JBTZ SAPMJBTZ Maintain Cash Flow
JBT1 SAPMJBTR Maintain Costing Rule
JBVL MENUJBVL Volatilities
JBVTCH BUSSTART Change Variable Transaction
JBVTCR BUSSTART Create Variable Transaction
JBVTSH BUSSTART Display Variable Transaction
JBWA RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree
JBWB RKDBAT02 Maintain Batch Variants
JBWC SAPMKCIC Comments Management: Treasury
JBWG RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic Groups for RM
JBWH SAPMKXHI Maintain hierarchy
JBWK RKDMKCIK Maintain key figures
JBWM SAPMKCB9 Test Monitor: RM Drilldown Reportin
JBWO RKCOBTR2 Transport Reports
JBWP RKCOBTR4 Transport forms
JBWPR RJBRREIF RM: Display Interface Programs
JBWQ RKCOBTR3 Import reports from client 000
JBWR RKCOBTR5 Import Forms from Client 000
JBWS RKDSTRUC Display structure
JBWT RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool – Drilldown Report
JBWU SAPMKCB9 Convert drilldown reports
JBWV RKES0101 Maintain Global Variable
JBWW SAPMKCC0 Mainten.curr.conversion type TMR
JBWX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown Reports
JBWY RKDREODA Reorganize Report Data
JBWZ RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms
JBW0 SAPMKCEE Execute Report
JBW1 SAPMKCEE Create Report
JBW2 SAPMKCEE Change Report
JBW3 SAPMKCEE Display Report
JBW4 SAPMKES1 Create Form
JBW5 SAPMKES1 Change Form
JBW6 SAPMKES1 Display Form
JBW7 SAPMKEFB Maintain authorization obj. present
JBW8 SAPMKEFB Display authorization obj.presentat
JBYC RJBRATES Overview/Maintenance of Yield Curve
JBZK SAPL0WP1 Assign Condition Types->Cond. Group
JB0B MENUJB0B Maintain Financial Conditions
JB0J MENUJB0J Treasury Master Data
JB0K RJBTKALO Costing Call
JB0O SAPMJBDK Copy Company Code
JB0P RJBTPRAZ_APL Display and Delete Logs
JB0R RJBTKALR Backdating
JB02 MENUJB02 Bank Single Transaction Costing
JB04 MENUJB04 Bank Risk Management
JB05 MENUJB05 IS-B: Bank regulatory reporting
JB06 MENUJB06 Bank RM Configuration Menu
JB07 MENUJB07 IS-B: Settings menu – bank reg.rep.
JB08 MENUJB08 Bank STC Configuration Menu
JB1K RJBTKALK00 Update costing
JB12 MENUJB12 Limit Management
JB16 RJBTKRLT Costing Rule List
JB18 RJBTKMP Display Req./Opt.Control
JB19 MENUJB19 Asset/Liability Management
JB2X MENUJB2X Securities
JB22 RJBTKALB Calculate Core Deposits
JB3M RTRFIENM List of curr. supported field names
JB3P RKDBATV3 Maintain variant groups
JB3Q RKDBAT02 Maintain Variants
JB3R RKDBATV4 Schedule variant group
JB3S RKDBATV5 Define variant group
JB4A SAPMV12A Change SD Condition Table
JB4B SAPMV12A Display SD Condition Table
JB4C SAPMV13A Create SD Condition using Template
JB4L SAPMV14A Create List of Conditions
JB4N SAPMV14A Change List of Conditions
JB4O SAPMV14A Display List of Conditions
JB4Q SAPMV14A Execute List of Conditions
JB4X MENUJB4X Money market
JB41 SAPMV13A Create SD Condition
JB42 SAPMV13A Change SD Condition
JB43 SAPMV13A Display SD Condition
JB49 SAPMV12A Create SD Condition Table
JB6X MENUJB6X Derivatives
JB68 RJBINTZK Interpolate yield curves
JB69 SAPMJBDZ Maintain Int. Rates for Yield Curve
JB69T SAPMJBDZ TimeOFday dep. IR’s for Zcurves pf1
JB81 SAPMJBD1 Maintain account
JB99 MENUJB99 Test Menu ONLINE Integration
JVTT SAPMSCAT Joint Venture Test Tool
J1AH SAPLJ1AO Creating Way Bills
J1AI J_1AA001 Asset Revaluation (Inflation)
J1AJ SAPLJ1AO Print Way Bill Document
J1AM J_1AIP01 Delete and create index version
J1AP SAPMSNUM Nummernkreispflege: J_1APRNTCH
J1AX J_1ARCVM Market price determination program
J1AZ J_1AMCIP MM index adjustment program
J1A3 J_1AMGIP MM goods issue revaluation
J1A5 J_1AMLBS MM Warehouse stock report (Arg.)
J1A6 SAPMJ1A6 Modify Official Document Number
J1A7 J_1AMGMC Average cost valuation
J1BBST RFID_BR_TRBAL Balance Sheet Transfer Loans: Brazi
J1BF SAPMV13B Create Entries for Output Type
J1BG SAPMV13B Change Entries for Output Type
J1BH SAPMV13B Display Entries for Output Type
J1BO SAPMV12A Output CondTable/Create Nota Fiscal
J1BP SAPMV12A Output CondTable/Change Nota Fiscal
J1BQ SAPMV12A Output CondTable/Display Nota Fisca
J1BTAX J_1B_MIGRATE_TATax Manager’s Workplace
J1B1 SAPMJ1B1 Create Nota Fiscal (Writer)
J1B1N SAPMJ1B1 Create Nota Fiscal (Writer) – Enjoy
J1B2 SAPMJ1B1 Change Nota Fiscal
J1B2N SAPMJ1B1 Change Nota Fiscal – Enjoy
J1B3 SAPMJ1B1 Display Nota Fiscal
J1B3N SAPMJ1B1 Display Nota Fiscal – Enjoy
J1IA SAPMJ1IA Excise Invoice Details
J1IB SAPMJ1IB Excise Verification And Posting
J1ID SAPMJ1ID Rate maint & amend open po’s/so’s
J1IEX SAPLJ1IEX Incoming Excise Invoices
J1IF SAPMJ1IF Subcontracting
J1IFQ SAPMJ1IFQ Challan : Reconcile Quantity
J1IFR J_1IDOCLIST Subcontracting Challan Listing
J1IF01 SAPMJ1IFN Subcontracting Challan : Create
J1IF11 SAPMJ1IFN Subcontracting Challan : Change
J1IF12 SAPMJ1IFN Subcontracting Challans : Display
J1IF13 SAPMJ1IFN Challan Complete/Reverse/Recredit
J1IG SAPMJ1IG RG23D register receipt at depot
J1IGA SAPMJ1IGA Additional Excise Entry at Depot
J1IGAD SAPMJ1IGA Additional Excise at Depot Displa
J1IGR J_1IEXCP_GR1 List of GR’s without gate pass
J1IH SAPMJ1IH Create Excise JV
J1IHBK J_1IHBKD Copy House Bank ID from Invoice
J1IIN SAPMJ1IIN Outgoing Excise Invoice
J1IJ SAPMJ1IJ Excise invoice selec. at depot sale
J1IK SAPMJ1IK Selection of Excise Invoice – Commo
J1IL MENUJ1IL India Localization
J1IN SAPMJ1IN India Version Tax Deduction at Sour
J1INAR J_1IEWT_ANN_RETAnnual Returns
J1INC J_1ITDS2 Tax Deduction at Source: Classic
J1INCC J_1IEWT_CERT_CUPrint Customer WH Tax Certificates
J1INHC J_1IEWT_HEALTH_Health check for migration to EWT
J1INJV SAPMJ1INJV Enter Journal Voucher
J1INPP J_1IEWT_UPDATE_Update Business Place in FI documen
J1INPR J_1IEWT_PROVISIProvisions for Taxes on Services
J1INUT J_1IEWT_PROV_UTUtilise Withholding Tax on Provisio
J1IO J_1IRTRO Retrospective price amendments
J1IP J_1IPRNE Excise invoice print
J1IQ J_1IITDEP Year-End IT Depreciation Report
J1IR J_1IDNLD Data Download
J1IS SAPMJ1IS Excise invoice for other movements
J1IU SAPMJ1IU Forms capture
J1IUN SAPMJ1IUN Forms tracking
J1IV SAPMJ1IV Excise post & print for others mvmt
J1IW SAPMJ1IW Excise Invoice without PO
J1IX SAPMJ1IX Excise Invoice Verification WO PO
J1I0 J_1ICWIZ Customizing wizard
J1I2 J_1ISTAX Sales Tax Register
J1I3 J_1I_BATCH_UTILModvat utilzation in batch
J1I5 J_1IREGSN Register creation for RG23 and RG1
J1I6 J_1IMODF Modvat forecast
J1I7 J_1IEXCH Query Excise invoices
J1I8 J_1ICHLN TDS Challan Update
J2IB J_1ISTCH Service tax challan
J2IC J_1IST3 Service tax returns
J2IE J_1ITDSR View Archived TDS documents
J2IF J_1I_EXCISE_DOCDisplay document flow
J2IN J_2IRTN New RT-12 Report
J2IRG1 J_2IRRG1 Register RG1
J2IU J_1IRUTZ Fortnightly Utilization
J2I5 J_2IREXT Extract
J2I6 J_2IRPUT Print Utility
J2I8 J_1ICAPG Avail.of subs credit for Cap Goods
J2I9 J_1I57AE New Monthly Returns Report Rule 57A
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