Sap Transactions R-T

RAEP1 RAFWGO_UPLOAD_RProcedure for Single Records: RA
RAEP2 RAFWGO_FRP_RA Procedure for Final Results: RA
RCA00 SAPLRMRCT Edit Generic Transaction
RCA01 BUSSTART Create Risk Object
RCA02 BUSSTART Change Risk Object
RCA03 BUSSTART Display Risk Object
RCA04 SAPMJBRT Copy Risk Object
RCA06 BUSSTART Delete Risk Object
RCC0G BUSVIEWS RT Control: Tables
RCC00 MENURCC00 Configuration Menu for Risk Objects
RCC01 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Applications
RCC02 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Field Groups
RCC03 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Views
RCC04 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Sections
RCC05 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Screens
RCC06 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Screen Sequences
RCC07 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Events
RCC08 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Standard Functions
RCC09 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Additional Functions
RCC10 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Search Help
RCC11 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Assign DB Screen
RCC12 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Modification Criteria
RCC15 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Application Transaction
RCC18 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Activities
RCC19 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Field Mod. per Act. Cat
RCC20 BUSVIEWS Authorization Types
RCC23 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Data Sets
RCDEF SAPLRMRCT Definition of Risk Object
RCP02 RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Dummy Recipe Transaction for EH&S
RCP03 RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Dummy Recipe Transaction for EH&S
RDCA RFFMSDCA Send Vendor Documents
RDPT1 FTBAS_SET_OVERVList of Redemption Schedule Sets
RDPT2 FTBAS_SCHEDULE_List of Redemption Schedules
RDPT3 FTBAS_CLEANUP_SDelete Redemption Schedule Sets
RDPT4 FTBAS_CLEANUP_SDelete Redemption Schedules
RECABT RFRECABT Generate BDT Subscreen Containers
RECALP RFRECALOGDISPLAParam. for Log Overview (Internal)
RECARG RFRECARG Worklist: Update Objects
RECATM RFRECATM Manage Text Modules
RECDCG RFRECD_CASHFLOWCash Flow Update for Contract
RECDCH RFRECD_CASHFLOWUpdate Cash Flow for Rental Object
RECNAE RFRECN_BALANCE_Comparison ObjTypes – Contract Type
RECNRP RFRECN_RESPONSIChange Pers.Resp: Contracts
RECON1 RTPM_TRS_RECON_Process Ext. Sec. Acct Statements
RECON2 RTPM_TRS_RECONCReconcile Ext. Sec. Acct Statements
RECON3 RTPM_TRS_RECON_Delete Ext. Security Acct Statement
RECOSE SAPLKO71 CO Settlement of Real Estate Object
REISAO RFREISAO Info System: Architectural Objects
REISBE RFREISBE Info System: Business Entities
REISBP RFREISBPOBJREL Info System: Objects for Partner
REISBU RFREISBU Info System: Buildings
REISCN RFREISCN Info System: Contracts
REISPR RFREISPR Info System: Properties
REISRO RFREISRO Info System: Rental Objects
REITDS RFREITDS Input Tax Distribution
REPP1 REPP_VC_1 CO-OM-IS User Settings: Customizing
RERAPL RFVISL04 General Real Estate Posting Log
RERAPP RFRERAPP Periodic Postings: Contracts
RERAVP RFRERAVP Per. Posting: Rental Obj.(Vacancies
RESCBC RFRESCBOOKING Posting of Settlement
RESCIS RFRESCSHOWRESULEvaluation of Service Charge Settlm
RESCRV RFRESCSEREVERSEReversal of Service Chg Settlement
RESCSE RFRESCSETTL Service Charge Settlement
RESRCL RESRCALCRESULTLDisplay Results of Calculation
RESRIS RFRESRSHOWRESULReport on Sales-Based Settlement
RESRRP RESRREPORTLDB Collective Entry of Sales Reports
RESRRV RFRESRSETTLLDBRReversal of Sales-Based Settlement
RESRSE RFRESRSETTLLDB Sales-Based Rent Settlement
RE80 RFRECA_RE80_INIRE80: RE Navigator
RFAF RSTWBFAF Store order follow-on documents
RISV RMCSISCP Setup: Retail Info System – Version
RJB1 KCFDUMENU External Data Transfer Workbench
RKLNT RKLNTNG01 Counterparty Risk of Netting Group
RKLSI RKLSI Overview of Collateral Provision
RL23 SAPLGD23 Document Display for Ledger 3A
RM_01 RJBRSIIN Initialize view
RM_02 RJBRVRGC Regenerate View
RM_97 RJBRSELPROT Display of DB Logs
RM_98 RJBRBPDIAG Diagnosis of BP Admin. Tables
RM_99 RJBRDEACFO Deactivate Financial Objects
RMBDSA RJBRBDSA Overview of Report Data
RMBDSB RJBRBDSB Create Report Data
RMBK1 RRMDRB01 BCA: Derivation Strategy
RMBK2 RRMDRB02 BCA: Rule Entries
RMCM RFTBCMGT00 Link Between Cash Mgmt and Risk Mgm
RMDR1 RRMDRR01 Gen.Transaction: Derivation Strateg
RMDR2 RRMDRR02 Gen. Transaction: Rule Entries
RMD01 RRMDR001 FO: Derivation Strategy
RMD02 RRMDR002 Financial Object: Rule Entries
RMFD RJBRSVAC Financial Object Data
RMFZ1 RRMFAZ01 Derivation of RM Part for Facilitie
RMRB RJBRSTDA Dataset Management
RMVARS RJBRVARS Display Shifts during VaR Evaluatio
RMVT1 RRMDRV01 Variable Trans: Derivation Strategy
RMVT2 RRMDRV02 Variable Transaction: Rule Entries
RMV0 RJBRSVAC Single Value Analysis: VAR
RMWB RMWBP00 Start Workbench
RMW99 MENURMW99 Area Menu
RPAM REPPXXXN Info. Sys. Rec.Ldgr: Report Currenc
RPAN REPPXXXN Info.Sys. Rec.Ledger: Presettings
RPA0 REPPXXX0 Info.Sys. Rec.Ledger: Presettings
RPA1 REPPXXX0 Info. Sys. Rec.Ldgr: Report Currenc
RPBN REPPXXXN Info.Sys. Proc.: Presettings
RPB0 REPPXXX0 Info.Sys. Proc.: Presettings
RPCN REPPXXXN Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPC0 REPPXXX0 Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPC1 REPPXXX0 Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPC2 REPPXXXN Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPDK RPPWF1M0 Workflow for Danish Payroll
RPON REPPXXXN Info. System Orders: Presettings
RPO0 REPPXXX0 Info. System Orders: Presettings
RPPN REPPXXXN Proj. Info System: Default Settings
RPP0 REPPXXX0 Proj. Info System: Default Settings
RPXN REPPXXXN CO-OM Information System: Settings
RPX0 REPPXXX0 CO-OM Information System: Settings
RSA0 RSA1ADMI Content Settings Maintenance
RSA10 SAPLRSC3 Realtime Test Interface Srce System
RSA2 RSA1REP OLTP Metadata Repository
RSA3 SAPLRSFH Extractor Checker
RSA5 RSA1BCIN Install Business Content
RSA6 RSA1DSMA Maintain DataSources
RSA7 RSA1QMNT BW Delta Queue Monitor
RSA8 RSA1HIMA DataSource Repository
RSA9 RSA1APAC Transfer Application Components
RSFH FHVIEWER Test Transaction Data Extractors
RSMD FHVIEWER Extractor Checker
RSO2 RSIO0009 Oltp Metadata Repository
RSO3 RSIO0007 Set Up Deltas for Master Data
RSTB RSTBNAME Choose Object Name
RTBSTD RJBALMRTBSTD Position Management for Gen.Trans.
RTDE RGUDEL00 Retail Ledger: Del. Transaction Dat
RTGDI SAPLCPCC_DT Direct input for routings
RTHCOC OM_START_NF Create Retail Object Assignment
RTHCOD OM_START_NF Display Retail Object Assignment
RTHCOM OM_START_NF Change Retail Object Assignment
RTPB01 BUSVIEWS RPUS Cntrl: Application Transaction
RTPB03 BUSVIEWS RPUS Cntrl: Activities
RTPB04 BUSVIEWS RPUS struct: Applications
RTPB05 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Field Group
RTPB06 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Views
RTPB07 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Sections
RTPB08 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Screens
RTPB09 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct: Screen Sequence
RTPB11 BUSVIEWS RPUS GUI: Standard Functions
RTPB12 BUSVIEWS RPUS GUI: Additional Functions
RTPB13 BUSVIEWS RPUS GUI: Assignm scrn fld -> DB fl
RTPB14 BUSVIEWS RPUS Field Mod: Criteria
RTPB15 BUSVIEWS RPUS Field Mod: Activity Category
RTPB16 BUSVIEWS Create data set for retirement plan
RTPB17 BUSVIEWS Retirement types
RTPB18 BUSVIEWS RPUS Authorization types
RTPB19 BUSVIEWS RPUS Field groups for authorization
RVND RFIBLOPAY Create Payment Requests Online
RWBE RWBEST01 Stock Overview
RZPT SAPLARCH_RZPT_SResidence Time Maintenance Tool
RZ01 RSRZADM2 Job Scheduling Monitor
RZ02 RSRZOLD Network Graphics for SAP Instances
RZ03 RSRZLST1 Presentation; Control SAP Instances
RZ04 RSRZLST2 Maintain SAP Instances
RZ06 RSRZOLD Alerts Thresholds Maintenance
RZ08 RSRZOLD SAP Alert Monitor
RZ10 SAPLSPFL Maintain Profile Parameters
RZ11 RSPFLDOC Profile Parameter Maintenance
RZ12 SAPMSMLG Maintain RFC Server Group Assignmen
RZ21 SAPLSALU CCMS Monitoring Arch. Customizing
RZ23 RSPFDBUI_INIT Performance database monitor
RZ23N RSPFDB_ADMIN Central Performance History
RZ25 RSALTLEX Start Tools for a TID
RZ26 RSAL_START_TOOLStart Methods for an Alert
RZ27 RSAL_EXECUTE_RZStart RZ20 for a Monitor
RZ28 RSAL_START_AL_VStart Alert Viewer for Monitor
RZ70 RSLDADM SLD Administration
S-33 SAPMSTBM Display table
S_IWB RSIWB310 Initial Screen Knowledge Warehouse
SAAB SAPLSAAB Activ. Assertions and Breakpoints
SADJ SAPLSCT1 Customizing Transfer Assistant
SADP SAPMSADR Contact person addr.maint. init.scr
SADQ SAPMSADR Private address maint. initial scrn
SADR SAPMSADR Address maint. – Group required!
SAD0 SAPMSAD0 Address Management call
SAINT SAPLSAINT_UI Add-On Installation Tool
SAKB4 SAPRAKB_SHOW_EXCreate Usage Explanations
SAKB5 SAPRAKB_CI_TABCCheck Table Enhancements
SALE RBDSALE2 Display ALE Customizing
SAMT SAPRSAMT ABAP Program Set Processing
SARA SAPMAADM Archive Administration
SARE SAPLAINS Archive Explorer
SARFC RSARFCCHK Server Resources for Asynchron. RFC
SARI SAPLAINA Archive Information System
SARJ SAPLAS_ARC Archive Retrieval Configurator
SARP SAPMSERP Reporting (Tree Structure): Execute
SARPN SAPLBMEN Display Report Trees
SART SAPMSERP Display Report Tree
SARTN SAPLSRT_APPL Display Report Trees
SA01 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRNR
SA11 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRV
SA12 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRVP
SA38 SAPMS38M ABAP Reporting
SA39 SAPMS38M SA38 for Parameter Transaction
SBAC SAPLSF30 Edit Application Components
SBCA SAPLBCOM_ADMIN Routing Server Administration
SBDS1 BDSBARCO1 Displaying Open Bar Codes
SBDS2 BDSBARCO2 Open Internal Bar Codes
SBDS3 BDSBARCO3 Open External Bar Codes
SBDS4 BDSBARCO4 Open Bar Codes with Keep Flag
SBDS5 BDSBARCO5 Internal Bar Codes with Keep Flag
SBDS6 BDSBARCO6 External Bar Codes with Keep Flag
SBDS7 BDSBARCOM Compare Open Bar Codes
SBEA MENUSBEA BEAC corporate flight system
SBI1 RSAO0001 Maintain enhanced InfoSource
SBI2 RSAO0003 Maintain enhanced master data str.
SBI3 RSAO0007 Maintain append for InfoSource
SBI4 RSAO0008 Maintain append for master data
SBI5 RSAO0009 Delete InfoObjects
SBPT MENUSBPT Administration Process Technology
SBRAC SAPLBCOM_R_ATTCCatalog of Routing Attributes
SBRT3 RSBCOM_SBRT3_STRBR Test Server – Configuration
SBTA SAPMSSY2 Test background processing
SBWP SAPMSSO0 SAP Business Workplace
SB01 ADITEST8 Business Navigator – Component View
SCAL SAPMSFT0 Factory Calendar with GUI
SCAT SAPMSCAT Computer Aided Test Tool
SCA2 SAPMSFT2 Cannot be executed directly
SCA3 SAPMSFT3 Cannot be executed directly
SCA4_D SZC_HOLIDAY_MAICannot be executed directly
SCA4_U SZC_HOLIDAY_MAICannot be executed directly
SCA5_D SZC_HOLIDAY_CALCannot be executed directly
SCA5_U SZC_HOLIDAY_CALCannot be executed directly
SCA6_D SZC_FACTORY_CALCannot be executed directly
SCA6_U SZC_FACTORY_CALCannot be executed directly
SCCL SAPMSCC1 Local Client Copy
SCC1 SAPMSCC1 Client Copy – Special Selections
SCC3 RSCCPROT Client Copy Log
SCC5 SAPMSCC1 Delete Client
SCC7 SAPMSCC1 Post-Client Import Methods
SCC8 SAPMSCC1 Client Export
SCC9 SAPMSCC1 Remote Client Copy
SCDN SAPMSNUM Change Documents: Number Ranges
SCDO SAPMSCDO Display Change Document Objects
SCFB GRM_START_FUNCTRole Manager: Start of a Function
SCID SAPLS_CODE_INSPCode Inspector for Specified Object
SCII SAPLS_CODE_INSPCode Inspector: Inspection
SCMA SAPLSCMA Schedule Manager: Scheduler
SCMATP SAPLSCMA SchedMan: Task List Maintenance
SCMO RKRUNMONI Schedule Manager: Monitor
SCMP SAPLSCT1 View/Table Comparison
SCMSMO SCMS_CS_MONITORKnowledge Provider Monitor
SCON RSCONN07 SAPconnect – Administration
SCOT RSCONN07 SAPconnect – Administration
SCP RSCPSEGMENT_SHODisplay and Maintain Code Page
SCPI MENUSCPI Production Optimization Interface
SCPMIG RSCP0126 Character Conversion
SCPRAT SAPLSCPRMP Change BC Set Value Attributes
SCPR10 SAPSCPR5 BC Sets: Compare after transport
SCPR20 SAPSCPR7 BC Sets: Activate
SCPR3 SCPR3 Display and maintain BC Sets
SCPR92 SAPSCPR6 BC Sets: Maintenance tool 2
SCRE GRM_START_REPORRole Manager: Start of a Report
SCRK SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: CSCR_KEYN
SCRM SCRMSHOW CRM-Relevant IMG in PlugIn of R/3
SCUA SAPMSCUA Central User Administration
SCUC RSUSRSCUC CUA: Synchronize company addresses
SCUG RSUSLAND Transfer Users
SCUL SAPMUSLG Central User Administration Log
SCUM RSUSLAND Central User Administration
SCU0 SAPLSCT1 Customizing Cross-System Viewer
SCU3 RSTBHIST Table History
SCWB SCWBENTR Correction Workbench
SC38 SAPMS38M Start Report (Remote)
SDBE SAPMSDBE Explain an SQL statement
SDCC BDLSDDCC Service Data Control Center
SDD1 SDDORD01 Duplicate Sales Documents in Period
SDMO MSDMEN00 Dynamic Menu (old)
SDOCU SAPLS_DOKU_HIERMaintain Documentation Structure
SDO1 SDORDE01 Orders within time period
SDQ1 SDQUOT01 Expiring Quotations
SDQ2 SDQUOT02 Expired Quotations
SDQ3 SDQUOT03 Completed Quotations
SDV SDV_VIEWER Document Viewing
SDVK SDCRSL01 Purchase Analysis Sales Documents
SDV1 SDCONT01 Expiring Contracts
SDV2 SDCONT02 Expired Contracts
SDV3 SDCONT03 Completed Contracts
SDWB BDLDEVLP Service Definition Work Bench
SDW0 MENUSDW0 ABAP Development WB Initial Screen
SD11 SAPMUD00 Data Modeler
SECATT SAPLECATT_MAIN Extended Computer Aided Test Tool
SECR RSAUDIT0 Audit Information System
SECSTO RSECADMIN Administration of Secure Memory
SENG SAPLSF4E Administration of External Indexes
SEPA SAPLEPSS EPS Server: Administration
SEPS SAPLEPSC SAP Electronic Parcel Service
SERP SAPMSERP Reporting: Change Tree Structure
SESS SAPLSMTR_NAVIGASession Manager Menu Tree Display
SE01 RDDM0001 Transport Organizer (Extended)
SE03 SAPCTS_TOOLS Transport Organizer Tools
SE06 RDDINSTR Set Up Transport Organizer
SE07 RDDSTR01 CTS Status Display
SE09 RDDM0001 Transport Organizer
SE10 RDDM0001 Transport Organizer
SE11 DD_START ABAP Dictionary
SE12 DD_START ABAP/4 Dictionary Display
SE13 SAPMSEDS Maintain Technical Settings (Tables
SE14 SAPMSGTB Utilities for Dictionary Tables
SE15 RS_INFOSYSTEM_SABAP/4 Repository Information Syste
SE16 SAPLSETB Data Browser
SE16N RK_SE16N General Table Display
SE17 SAPMSTAZ General Table Display
SE18 BADI_START Business Add-Ins: Definitions
SE19 BADI_START Business Add-Ins: Implementations
SE24 SEO_STARTUP Class Builder
SE29 SAPMAPAD Application Packets
SE30 SAPMS38T ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis
SE32 RSTEXTELEMENTE ABAP Text Element Maintenance
SE33 SAPMS33C Context Builder
SE35 SAPMSDIA ABAP/4 Dialog Modules
SE36 SAPMSLDB Logical Database Builder
SE37 SAPMS38L ABAP Function Modules
SE39 RS_WB_SPLIT_EDISplitscreen Editor: (New)
SE39O SAPMSEDC Splitscreen Editor: Program Compare
SE40 SAPMSEUN MP: Standards Maint. and Translatio
SE41 SAPMSMPE Menu Painter
SE43 SAPLBMEN Maintain Area Menu
SE43N SAPLBMEN Maintain Area Menu
SE54 SAPMSVIM Generate table view
SE61 SAPMSDCU R/3 Documentation
SE61D RSE61D Display of SAPScript Text
SE62 SAPMSBR0 Industry Utilities
SE63 SAPMTRAN Translation: Initial Screen
SE64 SAPMTERM Terminology
SE71 SAPMSSCF SAPscript form
SE72 SAPMSSCS SAPscript Styles
SE73 SAPMSSCO SAPscript Font Maintenance
SE74 SAPMSSCU SAPscript format conversion
SE75 SAPMSSCC SAPscript Settings
SE76 SAPMSSCG SAPscript: Form Translation
SE77 SAPMSSCG SAPscript Styles Translation
SE78 SAPMSSCH Administration of Form Graphics
SE8I RSINFOLI Lists in Repository Infosystem
SE80 SAPMSEU0 Object Navigator
SE81 SAPMSEU10 Application Hierarchy
SE82 SAPMSEU9 Application Hierarchy
SE84 RS_INFOSYSTEM_SR/3 Repository Information System
SE85 RS_INFOSYSTEM_SABAP/4 Repository Information Syste
SE89 SAPMSEUM Maintain Trees in Information Syste
SE90 RS_INFOSYSTEM_SProcess Model Information System
SE91 RSMESSAGES Message Maintenance
SE92 RSLGAD01 New SysLog Msg Maintenance as of 46
SE92N RSLGAD01 Maintain System Log Messages
SE93 SAPLSEUK Maintain Transaction Codes
SE94 SAPMSCLS Customer enhancement simulation
SE95 SAPRMOMO Modification Browser
SE97 TASAUTH Maint. transaction call authorizatn
SFAC SAPLBZFC Field selection maintenance
SFAW SAPMM00C Field Selection Maintenance
SFT1 SAPMSFT0 Maintain Public Holidays
SFT2 SAPMSFT0 Maintain Public Holiday Calendar
SFT3 SAPMSFT0 Maintain Factory Calendar
SHDB SAPMSBDT Batch Input Transaction Recorder
SHDG RSHDGF00 Global Fields: Change and Display
SHDI RSSHDIMG_TREE2 Transaction Variants Image Archive
SHDS SAPMSHD0 Internal: Save transaction variant
SHD0 SAPMSHD0 Transaction and Screen Variants
SHD1 SAPMSHD0 Internal: Variant transaction call
SHI0 SAPLSHI4 Structure buffer: Node type maint.
SHI1 SAPLSHI4 Structure buffer: Link type maint.
SHI2 SAPLSHI4 Structure buffer: Struc. type maint
SHI3 SAPLSHI6 Structure maintenance
SH01 RSHLP001 Online help: F1 Help server
SH02 RSHLP002 Online help: Link tracing
SH03 RSHLP003 Call extended help
SI_SEL SAPMSIWB_STRUC_KW: Structure Editor Link
SIAC1 SIAC_TREE Web Object Administration
SIBU SAPLSATT11 Industry Maintenance
SICF RSICFTREE HTTP Service Hierarchy Maintenance
SICK RSICC000 Installation Check
SIMGH SAPLS_IMG_TOOL_IMG Structure Maintenance
SINA RSSINADM SAPBPT: Maintain Standard Config.
SI00 MENUSI00 SAP Knowledge Warehouse
SI21 RSIWB21 Migration of extended help
SI22 RSIWB000 Create Command Files
SI23 RSIWB100 Init. screen of cust. maint. interf
SI23_6 IWB_TEMPLATES Edit templates
SI24 RSIWB101 Initial Screen of IMG (KW)
SI24_1 RSIWB102 Customizing System (KW)
SI24_2 RSIWB103 Customizing Server (KW)
SI24_3 RSIWB104 Customizing Assignments (KW)
SI24_4 RSIWB105 Customizing Export Variants (KW)
SI24_5 RS_IWB_ENTRY_SEDefine Initial Structure (Custom.)
SI24_6 RS_IWB_EXPORT_AAutomat. Instantiation of Info Obj.
SI24_7 RS_IWB_EXPORT_RSet export_range in iwbsetting
SI24_8 RS_IWB_R3LINK_SSupport R/3 Link Maintenance (Cust)
SI24_9 RSIWB106 Document Management Areas (View)
SI80 RSIWB300 Knowledge Warehouse
SI81 RSIWB600 Management
SI85 RSIWB303 Knowledge Warehouse (General)
SI86 RSIWB601 Management
SI88 RSIWB601 HTML Export
SI89 RSIWB602 Analyze HTML Export Logs
SI90 RSIWB302 Knowledge Warehouse: Training
SKNF SAPLSQADB04 Maintain Configuration Groups
SKPR07 RSTIRIDX_MONITOMonitoring for KPRO Retrieval
SKPR09 RSIRCCON Test Content Repositories
SKWA SKWA_START Administration Workbench
SKWR01 SKWR_TAXONOMY Taxonomy Tree Management
SKWR03 SKWR_TRAIN_CLASClassify Documents
SLAT RSIWA203 Additional Translation Tools
SLDB SAPMSLDB Logical Databases (Tree Structure)
SLGN SAPMSNUM Applic.log: Number range maintenanc
SLGT RDDGTSND Register in Central Object Director
SLG1 SBAL_DISPLAY Application Log: Display Logs
SLG2 SBAL_DELETE Application Log: Delete logs
SLIBN RLB_LIBRARY_EDIMaintain Reuse Library
SLIBP RLB_PRODUCT_EDIMaintain Reuse Product
SLIN SAPLSLIN ABAP: Extended Program Check
SLIS MENUSLIS FI-SL Spec.Purpose Ledg. Info.Syste
SLLS SAPMSLLS Translation Statistics
SLLT SAPMSLLT Translation Performance Statistics
SLWA SAPMSLW_ADMIN Translation Environment Admin.
SLWB SAPMSLW_ADMIN_ITranslation Environment Scheduler
SLW3 SAPMSLW_ADMIN_IWorklist Scheduler
SLW4 SAPMSLW_ADMIN Translation: Application Hierarchy
SL02 SAPMSL02 PAW – Main Menu
SL31 SAPMSL311 PAW – Test-Type Definitions
SL32 SAPMSL32 PAW – Location Definitions
SL60 SLSPAWR1 PAW – Test Results Overview
SL61 SLSPAWT1 PAW – Test Results Transfer to HR
SL62 SLSPAWL3 PAW – Lookup Definition Tree
SL63 SLSPAWL2 PAW – Location Test-Catalog
SL64 SLSPAWR2 PAW – Statistical Evaluations
SL65 SLSPAWR8 PAW – Export Test Results
SL66 SLSPAWD1 PAW – Download Certification Detail
SL67 SLSPAWD2 PAW – Download Test-Catalog for Loc
SL68 SLSPAWT9 PAW – Test Data Generation
SL69 SLSPAWT2 PAW – Qualification Transfer Log.
SL70 SLSPAWR7 PAW – Person Results Overview
SL71 SLSPAWT8 PAW – Initial Data Generator
SL73 SLSPAWT5 PAW – Batch Qualification Generatio
SL74 SLSPAWT6 PAW – Batch Q.- Generation Protocol
SL75 SLSPAWR9 PAW – Item Results Overview
SL76 SLSPAWR6 PAW – Test Structure Display
SL77 SLSPAWC1 PAW – Show comments for test items
SL79 SAPLSLSM PAW – Location Profile Maintenance
SL91 SLSPAWV1 PAW – Maintain location profile
SL92 SLSPAWV2 PAW – Maintain test type profil
SL93 SAPMSL932 PAW – Maintain Settings
SL94 SLSPAWV3 PAW – Maintain test IO profile
SL95 SLSPAWV4 PAW – Maintain User Profiles
SL96 SAPMSL96 PAW – Release Control Settings
SL99 SLSPAWV5 PAW – Display authorization profile
SMAP01 SAPLSF30 Maintain Solution Map objects
SMEN SAPLSMTR_NAVIGASession Manager Menu Tree Display
SMET SMETRICS01 Display frequency of function calls
SMLG SAPMSMLG Maint.Assign. Logon Grp to Instance
SMMS RSMONMS_ALV Message Server Monitor
SMOD SAPMSMOD SAP Enhancement Management
SMOMO WAF_MOMO Mobile Engine
SMQA RSTRFCMA tRFC/qRFC: Confirm. status & data
SMQE RSQEVTMA qRFC Administration
SMQG RSTRFCM7 Distributed QOUT Tables
SMQR RSQIWKMA Registration of Inbound Queues
SMQS RSQOWKMA Registration of Destinations
SMQ1 RSTRFCM1 qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)
SMQ2 RSTRFCM3 qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)
SMQ3 RSTRFCM5 qRFC Monitor (Saved E-Queue)
SMT1 RSRFCSEC Trusted Systems (Display <-> Maint.
SMT2 RSRFCSLX Trusting systems (Display <->Maint.
SMW0 SAPMWWW0 SAP Web Repository
SMX SAPLBTCH Display Own Jobs
SM01 SAPMTSTC Lock Transactions
SM02 SAPMSEM1 System Messages
SM04 RSM04000_ALV User List
SM12 RSENQRR2 Display and Delete Locks
SM13 SAPMSM13 Administrate Update Records
SM13T SAPMSM13 Administrate Update Records
SM14 SAPMSM14 Update Program Administration
SM18 RSAUPURG Reorganize Security Audit Log
SM19 SAPMSM19 Security Audit Configuration
SM20 SAPMSM20 Security Audit Log Assessment
SM20N SAPMSM20 Analysis of Security Audit Log
SM21 SAPMSM21 Online System Log Analysis
SM28 RSICC000 Installation Check
SM29 SAPMSM29 Model Transfer for Tables
SM30 SAPMSVMA Call View Maintenance
SM31 SAPMSVMA Call View Maintenance Like SM30
SM32 SAPMSTBM Maintain Table Parameter ID TAB
SM33 SAPMSTBM Display Table Parameter ID TAB
SM34 SAPMSVMA Viewcluster Maintenance Call
SM35 SAPMSBDC_CC Batch Input Monitoring
SM35P RSBDC_PROTOCOL Batch Input: Log Monitoring
SM36 SAPLBTCH Schedule Background Job
SM37 SAPLBTCH Overview of job selection
SM37B SAPLBTCH Simple version of job selection
SM37C SAPLBTCH Flexible version of job selection
SM38 SAPMSQIO Queue Maintenance Transaction
SM39 SAPBTCPE Job Analysis
SM49 RSLOGCOM Execute external OS commands
SM50 RSMON000_ALV Work Process Overview
SM51 RSM51000_ALV List of SAP Systems
SM54 RSM54000 TXCOM Maintenance
SM55 RSM55000 THOST Maintenance
SM56 RSM56000 Number Range Buffer
SM58 RSARFCRD Asynchronous RFC Error Log
SM580 RBDSTARTSM58 Transaction for Drag & Relate
SM59 RSRFCRFC RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
SM61 SAPLCOBJ Backgroup control objects monitor
SM61B SAPLCOBJ New control object management
SM63 SAPLSOMS Display/Maintain Operating Mode Set
SM64 SAPLBTCH Trigger an Event
SM65 SAPLSBPT Background Processing Analysis Tool
SM66 SAPMSM66 Systemwide Work Process Overview
SM69 RSLOGCOM Maintain External OS Commands
SNC0 SAPL0SEC SNC Access Control List: Systems
SNC1 RSUSR300 Generate SNC name for user
SNC2 RSUSR402 Export SNC name of user
SNC3 RSSNC40A User initial control list 3.1-4.0
SNC4 RSSNCCHK Check canonical SNC names
SNLS SAPMSNL1 Display NLS (character set; lang.)
SNL1 SAPMSNL1 Display NLS (character set; lang.)
SNL2 SAPMSNL1 Set NLS (character set; language…
SNL3 SAPMSNL1 Develop NLS (character set; lang…
SNRO SAPMSNRO Number Range Objects
SNUM SAPMSNUM Number Range Driver
SOAACT ACE_SOP_PERIODIActual Calculation of Provisions
SOAD SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: External Addresses
SOAIMG ACE_SOP_IMG IMG for Stock Option Accounting
SOASIM ACE_SOP_PERIODISimulation of Provisions
SOBJ SAPMTOBJ Maintenance Object Attributes
SOBN01 RSUSR002_ADDRESPersonal data
SOBT SAPMTOBJ Maintenance Object Attributes
SOCP SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: External Addresses
SOEX SAPLSO02 Express Message
SOFF MENUSOFF SAPoffice: Area Menu
SOLMAP SAPLSF30 Maintain Solution Maps
SOSB RSSOSOSTSTAT Send Order Overview (User)
SOSG RSSOSOSTSTAT Send Request Overview (Groups)
SOST RSSOSOSTSTAT Overview transmission requests
SOSV RSSOSOSTSTAT SAPconnect Send Requests
SOTR RSSOAPIR Test transaction for API1 (received
SOYA RSSOCHOW SAPoffice: Change folder owner
SOY1 RSSOUSED SAPoffice: Mass Maint. Users
SOY2 RSSOSTAT SAPoffice: Statistics data collect.
SOY3 RSSOSTVW SAPoffice: Statistics Evaluation
SOY4 RSSOLAZY SAPoffice: Access overview
SOY5 RSSOINBO SAPoffice: Inbox overview
SOY6 RSSOPRIV SAPoffice: Document overview
SOY7 RSSOFOLD SAPoffice: Folder overview
SOY8 RSSOAPUT SAPoffice: Mass Archiving
SOY9 RSSOMOVE SAPoffice: Inbox Reorg.
SO00 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Short Message
SO01 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Inbox
SO01X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Inbox
SO02 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Outbox
SO02X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Outbox
SO03 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Private Folders
SO03X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Private Folders
SO04 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Shared Folders
SO04X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Shared Folders
SO05 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Private Trash
SO05X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Private Trash
SO06 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Substitution on/off
SO07 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Resubmission
SO07X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Resubmission
SO10 SAPMSSCE SAPscript: Standard Texts
SO12 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: User Master
SO13 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Substitute
SO15 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Distribution Lists
SO16 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Profile
SO17 RSSOTRCL SAPoffice: Delete Shared Trash
SO18 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Shared Trash
SO19 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Default Documents
SO20 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Private Default Document
SO21 RSSOPCDR Maintain PC Work Directory
SO22 RSSODLPC SAPoffice: Delete PC Temp. Files
SO23 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Distribution Lists
SO28 RSSO0028 Maintain SOGR
SO30 RSSORE00 SAPoffice: Reorg.
SO31 RSSORE02 Reorganization (daily)
SO36 RSSOADM0 Create Automatic Forwarding
SO38 RSSOFALU SAPoffice: Synchr. of Folder Auths.
SO40 RSSOCUFM SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set MAIL
SO41 RSSOCUFM SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEFAX
SO42 RSSOCUFM SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_
SO43 RSSOCUFM SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_
SO44 RSSOCUFM SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEX
SO50 BCS_IBND_MAINT Rules for inbound distribution
SO52 RSSOUADD Deletes Address from User Master
SO55 RSSOUSCO User consistency check
SO60 RSDOCH01 Call R/3 Help Library
SO70 SAPLDSYH Hypertext: Display/Maint. Structure
SO71 SAPLDSYH Test plan management
SO72 SAPMSDCU Maintain Hypertext Module
SO73 SAPLDSYS Import graphic into SAPfind
SO75 RSDOCH01 Getting Started with the R/3 System
SO80 RSTBOE06 SAPfind: Free Text Retrieval Dialog
SO81 RSTGRE13 SAPfind: Free Text Indexing (Test)
SO82 RSTBOE05 SAPfind: Free Text Retrieval Batch
SO85 RSTBOE01 SAPfind: txt_seq_search
SO86 RSTBOE02 SAPfind: Txt_seq_search_1
SO90 RSTSHSRV SAPfind: shell folders service prog
SO91 RSSHSOMI SAPfind SO: SAPoffice Marketing Inf
SO95 RSSHCLAS Pregenerated Search Queries – Selec
SO99 RSSHRELN Put Information System
SPAD SAPMSPAD Spool Administration
SPAM SAPMSPAM Support Package Manager
SPAR SAPLSDB8 Determine storage parameters
SPAT SAPMSPAD Spool Administration (Test)
SPAU RSUMOD04 Display Modified DE Objects
SPBM SAPLSPBT Monitoring parallel background task
SPBT SAPLSPBT Test: Parallel background tasks
SPCC RSPO0043 Spool consistency check
SPDD RSUMOD02 Display Modified DDIC Objects
SPEC01 SAPMCH01 Specification system: Edit template
SPEC02 SAPMCH01 Specification system: Edit datashee
SPHA SAPLPHOA Telephony administration
SPHB SAPLPHOB SAPphone: System Administration
SPHD RSPHSPHD SAPphone: Own telephone number
SPHS RSPHSOFT SAPphone: Interface for Telephone
SPHT SAPLPHOH SAPphone Test Environment
SPHW RSPHITS1 Initiate Call in Web Applications
SPH4 RSPHGCTI Activ./deactiv. telephony in system
SPIA SPI_ADM_CU PMI Administration
SPIC RSPO1055 Spool installation check
SPID SPI_PS_SHOW_1 Display Process Repository
SPIM SPI_CM_MAINTAINProcess Monitoring: Meta Data
SPIO SPI_PS_SHOW Process Monitoring Overview
SPIS SPI_UI_START Start User Interface for Monitoring
SPOV SAPMSPAD Spool Request Overview
SPPFC START_CUSTOMIZIPPF: Initial Screen in Customizing
SPRM SAPL0OBJ Update settings
SPRO SAPLS_IMG_TOOL_Customizing – Edit Project
SPTP SAPMSPTP Text elem. maint. for print formats
SPUMG SAPLSPUMG Unicode Pre-Migration
SP00 MENUSP00 Spool and related areas
SP01 RSPOSP01NR Output Controller
SP01O RSPOSP01 Spool Controller
SP02 RSPOSP01NR Display Spool Requests
SP02O RSPOSP01 Display Output Requests
SP03 RSPO0048 Spool: Load Formats
SP1T RSPOSP01 Output Control (Test)
SP11 RSTS0012 TemSe directory
SP12 RSTS0010 TemSe Administration
SQCIT SAPLSQADB08 Maintain CI Templates
SQLR SQLR0001 SQL Trace Interpreter
SQVI SAPMS38R QuickViewer
SQ00 SAPMS38R SAP Query: Start queries
SQ01 SAPMS38R SAP Query: Maintain queries
SQ02 SAPMS38O SAP Query: Maintain InfoSet
SQ03 SAPMS38S SAP Query: Maintain user groups
SQ07 SAPMS38P SAP Query: Language comparison
SQ09 SAPMS38U SAP Query: Maintain additional func
SQ10 RSAQ_ROLE_ADMINSAP Query: Role Administration
SQ11 RSAQ_WEBRELEASESAP Query: Web reporting (Admin)
SRCN RSRPCNTR Delete Country-Specific Reports
SRET RKKBRPTR Report Selection
SRET06 RSRET_INDEX_MONDummy Transaction
SRET07 RSRET_INDEX_MONMonitoring for Indexing: Non-KPRO
SREV START_REVIEW_TOReview Authoring Environment
SRIP RSRETIP01 Import of Training Indexes
SRMD SAPLROUTING_MODLocal Routing&Mapping Configuration
SRMO SAPMSRAD SAP Retrieval – Monitor
SRN1 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRCITY
SRN2 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRSTREET
SRN3 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRPSTCOD
SROLE SMUM_EXPORT_ROLExport User Roles to XML doc.
SRSE SAPMSRAD Test Search for the IMS
SRTM SAPRTMMASTER Run Time Monitor Initial Screen
SRTV SRTV_CUST1 Text Retrieval: Customizing
SR10 SAPLSZRC Create City
SR11 SAPLSZRC Change city
SR12 SAPLSZRC Display city
SR13 RSIWR_HELP_DISPArea-Dependent Help
SR20 SAPLSZRT Create street
SR21 SAPLSZRT Change street
SR22 SAPLSZRT Display street
SR30 SAPLSZRP Create postal code
SR31 SAPLSZRP Change postal code
SR32 SAPLSZRP Display postal code
SSAA SAPMSRR1 System Administration Assistant
SSC RSSC0000 SAP R/3 appointment diary (internal
SSCA SAPMSSCA Appointment Calendar: Administratio
SSCA1 RSSCADMUSRCONSTAppointment calendar: Administratio
SSCV RSSC5000 Appoint. diary: VisualBasic fronten
SSC0 RSSC0000 SAP R/3 Appointment Cal. (Employee)
SSC0X RSSC0000X SAP R/3 Appointment Cal. (Employee)
SSC1 RSSC1000 SAP R/3 (own) Appointment Calendar
SSC1X RSSC1000X SAP R/3 (own) Appointment Calendar
SSFI SAPLSSFI IAC: Test: Browser Digital Signatur
SSM1 SMTR_NAVIGATIONTransaction is Old
SSM2 SAPLSMNU Set Initial Area Menu
SSO2 SSO2ADM Workplace Single Sign-On Admin.
SST0 RSPROJEVALUATIOProject Analysis in Customizing
SST7 SAPMSST1 Complex Analysis
SSUC BCGRSUCO Structure graphic: copy settings
SSUD BCGRSUDO Structure graphic: delete settings
SSUO MENUSSUO Structure Graphic: Central Settings
STAD RSSTAT26 Statistics display for all systems
STAT RSSTAT21 Local Transaction Statistics
STCUP RSTCX_UPG Table control variants upgrade
STDA SAPLSDEB Debugger display/control (server)
STDC SAPLSDEB Debugger output/control
STDR SAPMSCKT Object Directory Consistency Check
STDU SAPLSDEB Debugger display/control (user)
STEP10 SAPMSTP001 Export STEP Data
STEP20 SAPMSTP002 Import STEP Data
STERM TERMINOLOGY_MAISAPterm Terminology Maintenance
STFB SAPMSTFB CATT function module test
STFO RSEWO810 Plan Service Connection
STI1 RFTBST11 Change Documents Payment Details
STI2 RFTBST12 Change Docs Correspondence
STI3 RFTBST13 Chg. Docs Transaction Authoriz.
STMA SAPMSTMA Proposal Pool Administration
STMP RSTRMTR1 Proposal Pool: Selection
STMS SAPLTMSU Transport Management System
STP4 RSDBP004 Select DB activities
STTO MENUSTTO Test Organization
STUN MENUSTUN Menu Performance Monitor
STVARV SAPMS38V Selection variable maint. (TVARV)
STWB_1 SAPLS_TWB_H Test Catalog Management
STWB_2 SAPLS_TWB_H Test Plan Management
STZCH TZONECHECK Time zones: Consistency checks
ST01 RSTRAC25 System Trace
ST02 RSTUNE50 Setups/Tune Buffers
ST03 SAPWL_ST03N Performance;SAP Statistics; Workloa
ST03G SAPWL_ST03G Global Workload Statistics
ST03N SAPWL_ST03N R/3 Workload and Perf. Statistics
ST04 RSDB0004 DB Performance Monitor
ST04N RSDB004N Database Performance Monitor
ST05 SAPLSSQ0 Performance trace
ST06 RSHOST05 Operating System Monitor
ST07 SAPMS07A Application monitor
ST10 SAPMST10 Table Call Statistics
ST11 RSTR0006 Display Developer Traces
ST12 /SSF/CALL_TA_PRSingle transaction analysis
ST13 /SSF/CALL_TA_PRAnalysis&Monitoring tool collection
ST14 /SSF/CALL_TA_PRApplication Analysis
ST22 RSSHOWRABAX ABAP dump analysis
ST30 SAPLPERF_TRA_DIGlobal Perf. Analysis: Execute
ST33 DISPLAY_GPA_DATGlob. Perf. Analysis: Display Data
ST34 MAINTAIN_PROT_IGlob. Perf. Analysis: Log IDs
ST35 MAINTAIN_CATT_PGlob. Perf. Analysis: Assign CATTs
ST36 SAPLPERF_TRA_DEGlob. Perf. Analysis: Delete Data
ST37 MAINTAIN_AMASCHGlob. Perf. Analysis: Eval. Schema
ST4A RSDB0245 Database: Shared cursor cache (ST04
ST62 SAPMSBRA Create Industry Short Texts
SUB% SAPMSSYS Internal call: Submit via commnd fl
SUCH RSUCHSTA Translatability CHECKs
SUCOMP SAPMSCOMP User company address maintenance
SUGR SAPMSUUG Maintain User Groups
SUGRD SAPMSUUGD Display user groups
SUIM RSUSRSUIM User Information System
SUMG SAPLSUMG Unicode Migration Tool
SUPN SAPMSNUM Number range maint.: PROF_VARIS
SURAD SAPSURVEYADMIN Survey Administration
SURQC SUR_LIST_OF_ELESurvey: Question catalog
SURST SUR_CREATE_STRUSurvey: build questionnaire struct.
SUUM SAPMSUM Global User Manager
SUUMD SAPMSUMD Display User Administration
SU01 SAPMSUU0 User Maintenance
SU01D SAPMSUU0D User Display
SU02 SAPMS01C Maintain Authorization Profiles
SU03 SAPMS01C Maintain Authorizations
SU05 SAPMS05W Maintain Internet Users
SU10 SAPMSUU0M User Mass Maintenance
SU20 SAPMSU20 Maintain Authorization Fields
SU21 SAPMS01E Maintain Authorization Objects
SU22 SAPMS920 Auth. Object Usage in Transactions
SU24 SAPMS921 Auth. Obj. Check Under Transactions
SU25 SAPLPRGN Upgrade Tool for Profile Generator
SU26 SAPLPRGN Upgrade Tool for Profile Generator
SU3 SAPMSUU0O Maintain Users Own Data
SU53 SAPMS01G Evaluate Authorization Check
SU56 SAPMS01U Analyze User Buffer
SU84 RUSH04RD Read Archived User Change Documents
SU85 RUSH02RD Read Archived Password Change Doc.
SU86 RUSH10RD Read Profile Change Documents
SU87 RUSH12RD Read Authorization Change Documents
SVGM RSVGMODL SAP R/3 Procedure Model
SVGS RSVGMOD2 View for activity in Procedure Mode
SWB3 SAPLSWB3 Maintain Start Conditions
SWB4 SAPLSWB3 Display Start Conditions
SWDA RSWDSTRTA Alphanumeric Workflow Builder
SWDB RSWDBUILD Create workflow
SWDD RSWDSTRT Workflow Builder
SWDI RSWDSTRTC Workflow Builder (Selection)
SWDM RSWDEXP1 Business Workflow Explorer
SWDP RSWDPROTOCOL Show Graphical Workflow Log
SWDS RSWDSTRTS Workflow Builder (Selection)
SWEAD RSWEQADMIN Event Queue Administration
SWEL RSWFEVTLOG Display Event Trace
SWELS RSWELSWITCH Switch Event Trace On/Off
SWEM RSWELCFG2 Configure Event Trace
SWE3 RSWEINST Display Instance Linkages
SWE4 RSWELOGA Status Change Event Trace
SWE5 RSWECONSCOUP Checks for Event Linkages
SWFC RSWF_CST_AUTOCUAutomatic Workflow Customizing
SWF3 RSWFWIZ4 Workflow Wizard Explorer
SWF4 RSWFWIZ5 Workflow Wizard Repository
SWIA RSWIWILS WI Administration Report
SWI1 RSWIWILS Selection report for workflows
SWI11 RSWIUSAG_NEW Where-Used List for Tasks
SWI13 RSWIEXEC Task Profile
SWI14 SAPLSWI2 Workflows for Object Type
SWI3 RSWIOUTB Workflow Outbox
SWI30 RSWIENABLEEXE Unlock Workflows
SWI5 RSWILOAD Workload Analysis
SWI6 SAPLSWI2 Workflows for Object
SWJ1 RSWJ_PPF_PCOND Browser for Planning Conditions
SWLC RHWFOTSK Check Tasks for Agents
SWLD MENUSWLD Workbench for Workflow 4.0
SWLP RHWFCOPL Copy a Plan Version
SWO1 SAPLSWOO Business Object Builder
SWO3 SWO_BOR_BROWSERBusiness Object Builder
SWO4 SWO_BOR_BROWSERBusiness Object Repository
SWPA SAPLSWPA Runtime System Customizing
SWRK WB_INACTIVE_OBJAdministrtation using work areas
SWRP SAPMSWRP Dummy for IAC Workflow Status
SWT0 RSWTTR03 Configure workflow trace
SWUA RSWUDI09 Start Verification Workflow
SWUC RSWUCU01 Customizing decision task
SWUD RSWUDI00 Workflow Diagnosis
SWUE SAPLSWUS Trigger an event
SWUG SAPLSWU5 Generate Workflow Start Transaction
SWUR RSWUSETT Send mails for work items
SWUT SAPLSWU7 Namespace for Form Transactions
SWUU RSWUSFDG SAPforms: Diagnosis
SWUV RSWUWFML Send R3F Messages Once
SWUX MENUSWUX SAPforms Administration
SWUY RSWUMMES Workflow-Message Linkage
SWU0 RSWUESIM Simulate event
SWU1 RSWUDI08 User RFC Monitor
SWU10 RSWTTR02 Delete Workflow Trace Files
SWU2 RSWUDI07 Workflow RFC Monitor
SWU4 RSWUDI02 Consistency Test for Standard Task
SWU5 RSWUDI03 Consistency Test for Customer Task
SWU6 RSWUDI04 Consistency Test for Workflow Task
SWU7 RSWUDI05 Consistency Test for Workflow Templ
SWU8 RSWTTR04 Workflow Trace: On/Off
SWU9 RSWTTR06 Display Workflow Trace
SWWA RSWWDHIN Maintain WI Deadline Monitoring
SWWB RSWWDHEX_INSERTSchedule WI Deadline Monitoring
SWWD RSWWERIN Maintain Work Item Error Monitoring
SWWH RSWWHIDE WIM: Delete Work Item History
SWXF SWXFORMS DEMO: Create Notification of Absenc
SWXFTB SWXFORMS_TB DEMO: Notif. of Absence Toolbox
SWXML RSWXML_FIND XML Document Selection
SXDA DXADMIN Data Transfer Workbench
SXDB DXADMIN Data Transfer Workbench
SYNT SAPMSYNT Display Syntax Trace Output
S00 RSSOSO00 Short Message
S000 MENUS000 System Menu
S001 MENUS001
S002 MENUS002 Menu Administration
T_I2 RV15F001 Reorganize condition indexes
T_LA SAPMV14A Create Pricing Report
T_LB SAPMV14A Change pricing report
T_LC SAPMV14A Display pricing report
T_LD SAPMV14A Execute pricing report
T_03 SAPMV12A Create (shipment costs)
T_04 SAPMV12A CondTab: Change (shipment costs)
T_05 SAPMV12A CondTab: Display (shipment costs)
T_09 SAPMV12A Condition table: Change Index
TACD RFTBTRA2 Trader: Change Documents
TAC1 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FTA_GSART
TAC2 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FTA_KLAMM
TAC3 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FTR_REFNR
TAC4 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FTA_MAID
TB.5 SAPF109 FC valuation of hedged documents
TBB1 RFTBBB00 Execute postings
TBB2 RFTBBS00 Reverse postings
TBB3 RFTBBS01 Flag Flows as Reversed
TBB4 RFTBAB00 Accrual/deferral
TBB5 RFTBAB01 Reverse accrual/deferral
TBB6 RFTBBE00 Realized Gains/Losses
TBB7 RFTBBE01 Run Key Date Valuation
TBB8 RFTBBE02 Reverse Key Date Valuation
TBCD RFTBCD00 Treasury: Change Docs Transactions
TBCK RFTBBP00 Check account determination
TBCS RFTX70SO Automatic fixing processing
TBCX RFTBBC00 Maintain Acct Determination: Forex
TBCY RFTBBC00 Maintain Acct Determination: MM
TBCZ RFTBBC00 Maintain Acct Determination: DE
TBC1 SAPMS38E Datafeed: Define variants
TBDA RFTBDF14 Datafeed: Real-Time Initialization
TBDB RFTBDF10 Datafeed: Read archives
TBDC RFTBDF15 Datafeed: Real-Time monitor
TBDJ RFTBDF04 Datafeed: Historical Market Data
TBDK RFTBDF01 Datafeed: Code Conversion Program
TBDM RFTBFF00 Market Data File Interface INPUT
TBDN RFTBFF01 Market Data File Interface – OUTPUT
TBDO RFTBFF03 Market Data File: Code Conversion
TBD1 RFTBDF03 Datafeed: Table structure VTB_DFCU
TBD2 RFTBDF05 Datafeed: Datafeed Customizing
TBD3 RFTBDF00 Datafeed: Market data administratio
TBD4 RFTBDF07 Datafeed: Updated market data
TBD5 RFTBDF06 Datafeed: Import market data file
TBD6 RFTBDF02 Datafeed: Log file administration
TBD7 RFTBDF08 Datafeed: Check Customizing
TBEX RFTBDF_OLE Spreadsheet for Market Data
TBIR RFTBLMR2 Mass Release of Interim Limits
TBI1 RFTBST01 Standg instrns Maintain pmnt detail
TBI1D RFTBST01 Display SI Payment Details
TBI2 RFTBST02 Standing instns Alloc. pmnt details
TBI3 RFTBST03 Standg instr. Disply alloc.pmnt.det
TBI5 RFTBST01 Maintain Correspondence SI
TBI5D RFTBST01 Display SI Correspondence
TBI6 RFTBST01 Authorization – maintain SI
TBI6D RFTBST01 Authorization – display SI
TBI7 RFTBST01 SI Maintain Derived Flows
TBI7D RFTBST01 Display SI Derived Flows
TBI8 RFTBSTR1 Standing Instructions: Evaluations
TBLB RFTBLE02 Limit Utilization: Overview
TBLC RFTBLPA2 Lock/Unlock Limits
TBLC01 RFTBLC01 Check of Determination Procedure
TBLD RFTBLPA2 Lock/Unlock Countries
TBLE RFTBLENQ Limit Management: Lock Entries
TBLR RFTBLMR1 Release Limits
TBLT01 RFTBLT01 Limit: Generate Table for Lim. Type
TBLT02 RFTBLT02 Limit: Move Data to Generated Table
TBLT03 RFTBLT03 Limit: Delete Generated Table
TBLT04 RFTBLT04 Limit: Reorganiz. of Analysis Char.
TBLT05 RFTBLT05 Limit: Check Analysis Characterist.
TBLT06 RFTBLT06 Check/Correct Consist. of Gen.Table
TBLW2 RFTBLCHR Review: Change Review Recipient
TBL1 RFTBLV01 Limits: Change/Display
TBL10 RFTBLD03 Treasury: Delete Limits
TBL2 RFTBLR02 Limits: Change Documents
TBL3 RFTBLL01 Limits: Overview
TBL4 RFTBLE01 Limit Utilization: Overview
TBL6 RFTBLD01 Limit Utilization: Delete
TBL7 RFTBLD02 Limit Type: Delete Data
TBL8 RFTBREOP Reorganize STC Logs
TBL9 RFTBLP01 Display STC Logs
TBMN MENUTBMN Currency Hedges
TBM1 RFTBMA00 Treasury: Create Mast.Agreement
TBM2 RFTBMA00 Treasury: Chg. Mast. Agreement
TBM3 RFTBMA00 Treasury: Displ. Mast. Agreement
TBM4 RFTBMA01 Treasury: Master Agreement Changes
TBM5 SAPMF70Z Treasury: Assign Mast. Agreement
TBM6 RFTBMA02 Treasury: Vol. Check for Master Agr
TBRL RFTBCM20 Treasury: Coll. proc. references
TBR0 RFTBBB01 Posting journal
TBR1 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Create netting
TBR2 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Change netting
TBR3 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Display netting
TBR4 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Reverse netting
TBR5 RFTBCM10 Treasury: Netting proposal list
TBR6 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Create reference
TBR7 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Change reference
TBR8 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Display reference
TBR9 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Reverse Reference
TBT1 RFTBTRA1 Transaction Authorizat. for Traders
TBT1D RFTBTRA1 Display Trans. Auth. for Traders
TBX2 RFTBCO_TRANS_SEConversion of SEC Corresp. Customiz
TBZ1 RFTBCO00 Output Correspondence
TBZ11 RFTBCO20_MONITOCorrespondence Monitor
TBZ12 RFTBCO_CHECK02 Overview of Reset Counterconfirmatn
TBZ13 RFTBCO32 Printer Override Function
TBZ14 RFTBCO_IDOC02 Exception Processing IDoc (Inbound)
TBZ15 RFTBCO_IDOC01 Status Monitor – IDoc Confirmations
TBZ2 RFTBCI01 Incoming Confirmations Forex
TBZ3 RFTBCI01 Money Market: Incoming Confirmation
TBZ4 RFTBCI01 Incoming Confirmations Forex Option
TBZ5 RFTBCO10 List of Days Overdue Counterconf.
TBZ6 RFTXI300 Match Incoming SWIFT Confirmation
TBZ7 RFTBCO_DEL Delete corr. planned records
TBZ8 RFTBCO20 Correspondence – Overview
TB01 SAPMF70D Create forex hedge
TB02 SAPMF70D Change forex hedge
TB03 SAPMF70D Display forex hedge
TB04 SAPMF70D Delete forex hedge
TB10 RFTBSI00 Process hedge requests
TB11 SAPMF70D Create Object Hedge
TB12 SAPMF70D Change object hedge
TB13 SAPMF70D Display object hedge
TB14 SAPMF70D Reverse object hedge
TB18 RFTBSI18 Hedged underlyings
TB19 RFTBSI10 Forex Hedges – Collective Processin
TB20 RFTBSI20 Unallocated forex transactions
TB21 RFTBSI25 Allocated forex transactions
TB30 RFTBSI30 List of open items FI
TB35 RFTBSI35 Reconciliation of cleared items
TB60 RFTBSI60 List of processed hedge requests
TCMK MENUTCMK Funds Management
TCMN MENUTCMN Funds Management
TCO SAPLDSYS Start a TR in Parameter TCX
TCOM FTR_COMPBID00 Evaluate offers
TC02 SAPMSNUM Number range maint.: FTI_UGSART
TDMN MENUTDMN Cash management
TER1 FS000100 SAPterm: Changing Status of Terms
TF00 RFTR_COLL_PROC_Coll. Processing for Repos/Forwards
TF01 RFTB_FORWARD_01Create Forward Contract
TF02 RFTB_FORWARD_01Change Forward Contract
TF03 RFTB_FORWARD_01Display Forward Contract
TF04 RFTB_FORWARD_01Settle Forward Contract
TF05 RFTB_FORWARD_01Forward Contract Due Date
TF06 RFTB_FORWARD_01Reverse Forward Contract
TF10 RFTB_FORWARD_01Display Forward Contract
TGANL SAPMP56PS_TRG Create Separation Allowance
TGANZ SAPMP56PS_TRG Display Separation Allowance Event
TGMOD SAPMP56PS_TRG Change Separation Allowance
TGPER SAPMP56T Edit Separation Allowance
THIPAA SAPMPHIPAA1 For checking past certificates
THMEX RTHMEX_FRONTENDHedge Management: Application
THMMM RTHMEX_INTF_MM2Exposure Upload from Money Market
THMRO RTHM_UPDATE_EX_Exposure Upload From External Sourc
THMR1 RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse single HR dedesignation
THMR2 RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse single HR dissolve
THMST RTHMHR_HR_STATUHedging Relationship Status Overvie
THM10 RTHMHR_EXPOSUREExposure Expiration
THM11 RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse Exposure Expiration
THM12 RTHMHR_PLANNER_Hedge Plan Expiration
THM14 RTHMHR_HR_SETTLHedging Relationship Dedesignation
THM15 RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse HR dedesignations
THM30 RTHMHR_NPV_ON_IDefine NPVs on Inception Date
THM35 RTHM_ADJUST_INTAdjustment of the interest rates
THM50 RTHMHR_PROSP_ASProspective Effectiveness Assessmen
THM51 RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse Prospective Eff. Ass.
THM52 RTHMHR_DISSOLVERetrospective Assessment
THM53 RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse Retrospective Eff. Ass.
THM54 RTHMHR_MANUAL_OManual OCI Reclassification
THM55 RTHMHR_MANUAL_OReverse Manual OCI Reclassification
THM56 RTHMHR_POST_FAIFair value changes to be posted
THM57 RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse FV Changes to be Posted
THM80 RTHMHR_EFFECTIVEffectiveness test
THM81 RTPM_DTIL_OCI_POCI per hedging relationship
THM82 RTHMHR_OVERVIEWHedge plan overview
THM83 RTHMHR_HRPER_DEHedging Relationships per Derivativ
THM84 RTHMHR_EXCEPTIOPrematurely Reclassified OCI
THM85 RTHMHR_CHANGE_DChange documents for Hedge Managemn
TI-3 SAPMF73F Display Currency Option
TIC1 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FTI_OPTFU
TIDX1 SAPLFVW8 Simulate Price Index
TI00 RFTR_COLL_PROC_Collective Processing for Futures
TI10 TRIA_MANUAL_FIXCreate Interest Rate Adjustment
TI11 TRIA_MANUAL_FIXChange Interest Rate Adjustment
TI12 TRIA_MANUAL_FIXDisplay Interest Rate Adjustment
TI35 RFTIJL02 Collect.Processing: Listed Options
TI37 TRIA_MANUAL_FIXReverse Interest Rate Adjustment
TI4A SAPMF73F Forex Fast Entry
TI4B SAPMF73F Currency Option Entry – Spread
TI40 SAPMF73F Currency Option Fast Entry
TI49 SAPMF73F Change Currency Option
TI5AN RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Create Transaction
TI5BN RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Change Transaction
TI5CN RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Display Transactio
TI5DN RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Execute Order
TI5EN RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Order Expiration
TI5FN RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Settle Contract
TI5GN RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Reverse
TI5HN RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Display History
TI5W RFTBOF02 Display Option Master
TI5X RFTBOF02 Create Option Master
TI5Y RFTBOF02 Change Option Master
TI55 RFTBOF01 Create Future Master Record
TI56 RFTBOF01 Chg.Futures Master
TI57 RFTBOF01 Displ.Futures Master
TI7A SAPMF70M Order Expiration
TI7B SAPMF70M Display Interest Settlements
TI70 SAPMF70M Create Order
TI71 SAPMF70M Create OTC Option
TI72 SAPMF70M Change Transaction
TI73 SAPMF70M Display Transaction
TI74 SAPMF70M Reverse Contract
TI75 SAPMF70M Settle Contract
TI76 SAPMF70M OTC Transaction: History
TI77 SAPMF70M Terminate Transaction
TI78 SAPMF70M Execute Own Offer
TI79 SAPMF70M Settle Termination
TI8A SAPMF73E OTC Option: Reverse Activity
TI8B SAPMF73E OTC Option: Order Expiry
TI8C SAPMF73E OTC Option: Display Activity
TI8D SAPMF73E Terminate OTC Option
TI8E SAPMF73E OTC Option: Settle Termination
TI8F SAPMF73E OTC Option Knock-In
TI8G SAPMF73E OTC Option Knock-Out
TI8H SAPMF73E Settle OTC Knock-Out Option
TI8I SAPMF73E Settle OTC Knock-In Option
TI80 SAPMF73E Create OTC Option
TI81 SAPMF73E Change OTC Option
TI82 SAPMF73E OTC option: Display
TI83 SAPMF73E OTC Option: Create Contract
TI84 SAPMF73E OTC Option: Execute Offer
TI85 SAPMF73E OTC Option: Settle Contract
TI86 SAPMF73E Exercise OTC Option
TI87 SAPMF73E OTC Option: Settle Exercise
TI88 SAPMF73E OTC Option: Expired
TI89 SAPMF73E OTC Option: Settle Expiration
TI90 RFTBBF01_VERSIOPosting Release
TI91 RFTBJL02 Collective Processing OTC Options
TI92 RFTBJL03 Collect.Processing-Int.Rate Instrum
TI93 RFTBBF01_VERSIOManual Posting Block
TI94 RFTBJL04 Collective Monitoring of Options
TJ01 RFTBJL00 Journal of transactions
TJ02 RFTBJL02 Collective editing of options
TJ04 RFTBFL02 Payment Plan
TJ05 TRIA_AUTO_FIXINAutomatic Interest Rate Adjustment
TJ06 RFTBFL03 Option Expiration
TJ07 TRIA_ADJUSTMENTInterest Rate Adjustment Schedule
TJ08 RFTR_RELEASE_WRTransaction Release: Work Item List
TJ09 TRIA_AUTO_FIXINUpdate Planned Records
TJ10 RFTBJL10 Summary Journal Fin. Transctions
TJ11 RFTBTIS2 Display Single Transaction
TJ12 RFTBCF00 Journal: Transactions w. Cash Flows
TKCS SAPMKCIS Start transaction sender programs
TK11 SAPMV13A Create condition (shipment costs)
TK12 SAPMV13A Change condition (shipment costs)
TK13 SAPMV13A Display condition (shipment costs)
TK14 SAPMV13A Create condition with ref.
TLD1 SAPMKCEE Execute data mining report
TLD2 SAPMKCEE Create Data Mining Report
TLD3 SAPMKCEE Change Data Mining Report
TLD4 SAPMKCEE Display Data Mining Report
TLD5 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Create Form
TLD6 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Change Form
TLD7 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Display Form
TLD8 RKCDUMDM Display Results of Data Mining
TLL1 RFTBLL_MASS Limit: Create Limit Transfer
TLL2 RFTBLL_MASS Limit: Change Limit Transfer
TLL3 RFTBLL_MASS Limit: Display Limit Transfer
TLL4 RFTBLL_CDOC Limit Transfer: Change Documents
TLL5 RFTBLL_MASS Limit Transfer: Collective Process.
TLMA RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree
TLMB RKDBAT02 Maintain Batch Variants
TLMC SAPMKCIC Limit Management: Manage Comments
TLMG RKE_CALL_VC_TKELimit Management: Character. Groups
TLMH SAPMKXHI Maintain hierarchy
TLMJ RKCHINOD Maintain Hierarchy Nodes
TLMK RKDMKCIK Maintain Key Figures
TLMM SAPMKCB9 Limit Mgmt: Drilldown Test Monitor
TLMO RKCOBTR2 Transport Reports
TLMP RKCOBTR4 Transport Forms
TLMQ RKCOBTR3 Import Reports from Client 000
TLMR RKCOBTR5 Import Forms from Client 000
TLMS RKDSTRUC Display Structure
TLMT RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool – Drilldown Report
TLMU SAPMKCB9 Convert drilldown reports
TLMV RKES0101 Maintain Global Variable
TLMW SAPMKCC0 Maintain Crcy Translation Type TLM
TLMX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown Reports
TLMY RKDREODA Reorganize Report Data
TLMZ RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms
TLM0 SAPMKCEE Execute Report
TLM1 SAPMKCEE Create Report
TLM2 SAPMKCEE Change Report
TLM3 SAPMKCEE Display Report
TLM4 SAPMKES1 Create Form
TLM5 SAPMKES1 Change Form
TLM6 SAPMKES1 Display Form
TLM7 SAPMKEFB Maintain authorization obj. present
TLM8 SAPMKEFB Display authorization obj.presentat
TLR1 RFTBLRS0 Limit: Create Reservation
TLR2 RFTBLRS0 Limit: Change Reservation
TLR3 RFTBLRS0 Limit: Display Reservation
TLR4 RFTBLRE1 Reservations: Mass Processing
TLR5 RFTBLRE2 Reservations: Change Documents
TLR6 RFTBLRE3 Reservations: Reorganization
TLR7 RFTBLRS0 Limit: Copy Reservation
TLTA RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree
TL3M RTRFIENM List of curr. supported field names
TL3P RKDBATV3 Maintain Variant Group
TL3Q RKDBAT02 Maintain Variants
TL3R RKDBATV4 Schedule Variant Groups
TL3S RKDBATV5 Define Variant Groups
TM_51 RFTR_IRATE_LAUNCreate Interest Rate Instrument
TM_52 RFTR_IRATE_LAUNChange Interest Rate Instrument
TM_53 RFTR_IRATE_LAUNDisplay Interest Rate Instrument
TM_54 RFTR_IRATE_LAUNSettle Interest Rate Instrument
TM_55 RFTR_IRATE_LAUNReverse Interest Rate Instrument
TM_59 RFTR_IRATE_LAUNHistory of Interest Rate Instrument
TM_60 RFTR_FC_REP_LAUFacility: Key Date Evaluation
TM_60A RFTR_FC_REP_LAUFacility: Charges Overview
TM_61 RFTR_FC_LAUNCHECreate Facility
TM_62 RFTR_FC_LAUNCHEChange Facility
TM_63 RFTR_FC_LAUNCHEDisplay Facility
TM_64 RFTR_FC_LAUNCHESettle Facility
TM_65 RFTR_FC_LAUNCHEReverse Facility
TM_69 RFTR_FC_LAUNCHEHistory of Facility
TMA5 RKCMKCGD Edit characteristics
TMA6 RJBRKFIG Edit Value Fields
TMBA SAPMF69N BAV Information
TMB1 RFVZBAV0 Premium reserve fund lists
TMB2 RFVZBAV0 Statements
TMCA FTR_FX_COMPBID Create fixed-term deposit offer
TMCB FTR_FX_COMPBID Execute fixed-term deposit offer
TMCC FTR_FX_COMPBID Display fixed-term deposit offer
TMEZ RFTMEZ00 Money Market: Effective Int. Calc.
TMFM RFTMFIMA Money Market: Generate Cash Flow
TMR0 RFTMBL00 Money Market: Position list
TMR1 RFTMBL01 Money Market: Flexible Position Lis
TMSA FTR_SIMU00 Create fixed-term deposit simulatio
TMSB FTR_SIMU00 Change/execute fixed-term dep.simul
TMSC FTR_SIMU00 Display fixed-term deposit simulatn
TMSD FTR_SIMU00 Delete fixed-term deposit simulatio
TM0F SAPLTM00 Fxd Term Dep. Fast Entry
TM00 RFTMWRK1 Money Market: Collective processing
TM01 SAPLTM00 Create Fixed-Term Deposit
TM02 SAPLTM00 Change Fixed-Term Deposit
TM03 SAPLTM00 Display Fixed-Term Deposit
TM04 SAPLTM00 Roll Over Fixed-Term Deposit
TM06 SAPLTM00 Settle Fixed-Term Deposit
TM07 SAPLTM00 Reverse Fixed-Term Deposit
TM09 SAPLTM00 Fixed-Term Deposit History
TM1F SAPLTM00 Deposit at Notice Fast Entry
TM11 SAPLTM00 Create Deposit at Notice
TM12 SAPLTM00 Change Deposit at Notice
TM13 SAPLTM00 Display Deposit at Notice
TM14 SAPLTM00 Roll Over Deposit at Notice
TM15 SAPLTM00 Give Notice on Deposit at Notice
TM16 SAPLTM00 Settle Deposit at Notice
TM17 SAPLTM00 Reverse Deposit at Notice
TM19 SAPLTM00 Deposit at Notice History
TM20 RFTMSB00 Money Market: Collective Processing
TM21 RFTMKGF0 Deposit at Notice Cash Flow Update
TM22 SAPMF740 Check Dates against Calendar
TM3F SAPLTM00 Commercial Paper Fast Entry
TM30 SAPMF740 Commercial Paper: NPV Calculator
TM31 SAPLTM00 Create Commercial Paper
TM32 SAPLTM00 Change Commercial Paper
TM33 SAPLTM00 Display Commercial Paper
TM35 SAPLTM00 Give Notice on Commercial Paper
TM36 SAPLTM00 Settle Commercial Paper
TM37 SAPLTM00 Reverse Commercial Paper
TM39 SAPLTM00 Commercial Paper History
TM41 SAPLTM00 Create Cash Flow Transaction
TM42 SAPLTM00 Change Cash Flow Transaction
TM43 SAPLTM00 Display Cash Flow Transaction
TM46 SAPLTM00 Cancel Cash Flow Transaction
TM47 SAPLTM00 Reverse Cash Flow Transaction
TM49 SAPLTM00 Cash Flow Transaction History
TO01 RFTR_TB4E_OTC Create OTC Interest Rate Instrument
TO02 RFTR_TB4E_OTC Change OTC Interest Rate Instrument
TO03 RFTR_TB4E_OTC Display OTC Interest Rate Instrumen
TO04 RFTR_TB4E_OTC Settle OTC Interest Rate Instrument
TO05 RFTR_TB4E_OTC Reverse OTC Interest Rate Instrumen
TO06 RFTR_TB4E_OTC Give Notice on OTC Int. Rate Instr.
TO07 RFTR_TB4E_OTC OTC Int. Rate Inst.: Display Histor
TO08 RFTR_TB4E_OTC Execute OTC Int.Rate Instr. Order
TP_LOG RFTP_GDS_LOG Log: Calls of GDS Functions
TPCP RFTP_CUST_COPY Travel Planning Customizing
TPCT RPRMENU1 Current settings
TPED SAPMP50A Maintain HR Master Data (ESS)
TPES SAPMP50A Display HR Master Data (ESS)
TPMD SAPMP50A Maintain HR Master Data
TPMM SAPMP50A Personnel Actions
TPMS SAPMP50A Display HR Master Data
TPM1 RTPM_TRL_VALUATExecute Valuation
TPM10 RTPM_SLD_ASYNC_Fix. post or reverse transactions
TPM11 RTPM_TRAC_QUEUEPost Reversal/Recalculation
TPM12 RTPM_TRL_SHOW_PTreasury Ledger: Position List
TPM13 RTPM_TRL_SHOW_FTreasury Ledger: Flow List
TPM14 RTPMC_TRL_VCL_TUpdate Types – Valn Class Transfer
TPM15 RTPM_VALUATION_Valuation Class Transfer
TPM16 RTPM_REVERSE_VAReversal Valuation Class Transfer
TPM18 RTPM_TRL_TRANS_Fix/Post Derived Business Transact.
TPM19 RTPM_TRL_CHANGEStatus Change TRL Bus. Transactions
TPM2 RTPM_TRL_VALUATReverse Valuation
TPM20 RTPM_TRAC_POSTIPosting Journal
TPM21 RTPM_NOMINAL_COCreate Nominal Adjustment
TPM22 RTPM_NOMINAL_CODisplay Nominal Adjustment
TPM23 RTPM_NOMINAL_COReverse Nominal Adjustment
TPM24 RTPM_TRF_RECALCUpdate Margin Flows
TPM25 RTPM_TRF_POST_MPost Margin Flows
TPM26 RTPM_TRQ_SHOW_PDisplay quantity ledger positions
TPM27 RTPM_TRL_DERIVEGenerate Derived Flows
TPM28 RTPM_TRAT_TRANSTransfer Acct Assignment Reference
TPM29 RTPM_TRAT_TRANSReverse Acct Assignm. Ref. Transfer
TPM3 RTPM_TRAC_LIST_Account Asst Reference Allocations
TPM33 RTPM_TRAC_DFTACAccount Determination Overview
TPM35 RTPM_TRF_MANUALManual posting
TPM41 TRS_QUANTITY_4_Display Sec. Account Position List
TPM42 TRS_QUANTITY_4_Display Class List
TPM43 TRS_DISPLAY_POSProcess Restraints On Drawing
TPM44 RTPM_ACCRUAL_DEFin.Products Profit Accrual/Deferra
TPM45 RTPM_ACCRUAL_DEReverse Accrual/Deferral of Income
TPM5 RTPM_CLASS_POSICreate Class Pos. in Futures Accoun
TPM50 RTPM_TRL_POSITIChange Position Mgmt Procedure
TPM51 RTPM_TRL_PERIODPeriodic TRL Reporting
TPM53 RTPM_TRL_CREATECreate Totals Records
TPM54 RTPM_TRL_DELETEDelete Totals Records
TPM55A RTPM_PIN_CREATEGenerate Position ID (Securities)
TPM55B RTPM_PIN_CREATEGenerate Position ID (Loans)
TPM55D RTPM_PIN_CREATEGenerate Pos.ID (Listed Derivatives
TPM56A RTPM_PIN_CHANGEChange Position ID (Securities)
TPM56B RTPM_PIN_CHANGEChange Position ID (Loans)
TPM56C RTPM_PIN_CHANGEChange PositionID (OTC Transactions
TPM56D RTPM_PIN_CHANGEChange Pos. ID (Listed Derivatives)
TPM57A RTPM_PIN_DISPLADisplay Position ID (Securities)
TPM57B RTPM_PIN_DISPLADisplay Position ID (Loans)
TPM57C RTPM_PIN_DISPLADisplay Pos. ID (OTC Transactions)
TPM57D RTPM_PIN_DISPLADisplay Pos. ID (Listed Derivatives
TPM58A RTPM_PIN_DELETEDelete Position ID (Securities)
TPM58B RTPM_PIN_DELETEDelete Position ID (Loans)
TPM58D RTPM_PIN_DELETEDelete Pos. ID (Listed Derivatives)
TPM59 RTPM_PIN_STOCKEExchange per Company Code/Class
TPM6 RTPM_CLASS_POSIChange Class Pos. in Futures Accoun
TPM7 RTPM_CLASS_POSIDisplay Class Pos. in Futures Acct
TPM70 RTPM_TRL_IMPAIRRecord Impairment
TPM71 RTPM_TRL_IMPAIRReverse Impairment
TPM73 RTPM_VAL_SP_VALSpecial security valn
TPM8 RTPM_TRF_CASHFLDisplay Futures Account Cash Flow
TPM9 RTPM_TRF_POSITIPos. List-Class Pos. in Futures Acc
TPPR RFTPPROF Travel Profile Display
TPQ0 SAPMFIQT Quicktrip Manager
TP00 MENUTP00 Travel Management: Travel Planning
TP01 SAPMFITP Planning Manager
TP02 SAPMFITP Travel Planning (End User)
TP03 SAPMFITP Planning Manager (Expert)
TP04 SAPMFITP Travel Request (End User)
TP10 RFARHTP10 Travel Plan Synchronization (AIR)
TP12 RFARHTP12 Travel Plan Synchronization (Manual
TP20 SAPMFITP Create Travel Plan
TP30 RFTP_INFO_DISP_Display Travel Planning report tree
TP31 RFTP_INFO_AD_HOQueries for Travel Planning
TP40 MAINTAIN_CUSTOMMaintain Routings
TP41 MAINTAIN_CUSTOMInitial Screen via IMG
TP50 SAPMFLIGHT Global flight availability
TP60 RFAPS_HTL_CTLG_Synchronization of Hotel Catalog
TRBS RBSDTRLO Automatic Postings Loans: Activitie
TRD1 SAPMKCEE Run Data Mining Report
TRD2 SAPMKCEE Create Data Mining Report
TRD3 SAPMKCEE Change Data Mining Report
TRD4 SAPMKCEE Display Data Mining Report
TRD5 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Create Form
TRD6 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Change Form
TRD7 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Display Form
TRD8 RKCDUMDM Display Results of Data Mining
TRIP SAPMP56T Travel Manager
TRLM MENUTRLM Treasury Management Basic Functions
TRMA RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree
TRMB RKDBAT02 Maintain Batch Variants
TRMC SAPMKCIC Comments Management: Treasury
TRMD RKDREPDV Distribute Report
TRMG RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic Groups for TR Report
TRMH SAPMKXHI Maintain hierarchy
TRMJ RKCHINOD Maintain Hierarchy Nodes
TRMK RKDMKCIK Maintain Key Figures
TRMM SAPMKCB9 Treasury Drill Down Rptng Testmonit
TRMO RKCOBTR2 Transport reports
TRMP RKCOBTR4 Transport forms
TRMQ RKCOBTR3 Import reports from client 000
TRMR RKCOBTR5 Import forms from client 000
TRMS RKDSTRUC Display Structure
TRMT RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool – Drilldown Report
TRMU SAPMKCB9 Convert drilldown reports
TRMV RKES0101 Maintain Global Variable
TRMW SAPMKCC0 Maintain currency exchange type TRM
TRMX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown Reports
TRMY RKDREODA Reorganize report data
TRMZ RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms
TRM0 SAPMKCEE Execute Report
TRM1 SAPMKCEE Create Report
TRM2 SAPMKCEE Change Report
TRM3 SAPMKCEE Display Report
TRM4 SAPMKES1 Create Form
TRM5 SAPMKES1 Change Form
TRM6 SAPMKES1 Display Form
TRM7 SAPMKEFB Maintain Auth.Object Presentation
TRM8 SAPMKEFB Display Auth.Object Presentation
TRNA SAPMSNUM No.range: FVVD_KSON special arrangm
TRNB SAPMSNUM Number range: FVVD_BEKI doc. number
TRNC SAPMSNUM No.range: FVVD_RPNSP Gen.daybook no
TRND SAPMSNUM No.Range: FVV_VORG Release Procedur
TRN0 SAPMSNUM Number range: Land register no.
TRN2 SAPMSNUM No. range: FVVD_KINT loans int.part
TRN3 SAPMSNUM No.range: FVV_OBJNR(address
TRN7 SAPMSNUM Number range: FVVD_KOBJ Object key
TRN8 SAPMSNUM Number range: Loan collateral no.
TRN9 SAPMSNUM No. range: FVVD_RBLNR coll.value no
TRP01 RFTB_REPOS_01 Create Repo Contract
TRP02 RFTB_REPOS_01 Change Repo Contract
TRP03 RFTB_REPOS_01 Display Repo Contract
TRP04 RFTB_REPOS_01 Settle Repo
TRP06 RFTB_REPOS_01 Reverse Repo Contract
TRP08 RFTB_REPOS_01 History
TRP10 RFTB_REPOS_01 Display Repo Contract
TRSR FTI_SINGLE_RISKSingle Financial Object Calculation
TRTC RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree
TRTD RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree
TRTG RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree
TRTK RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree
TRTM RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree
TRTR RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree
TRTV RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree
TRTW RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree
TR3M RTRFIENM List of curr. supported field names
TR3P RKDBATV3 Maintain variant groups
TR3Q RKDBAT02 Maintain Variants
TR3R RKDBATV4 Schedule Variant Group
TR3S RKDBATV5 Define Variant Group
TR3T RKDREOVG Reorganization of variant groups
TSCUST TSWUSL_CUST Table Search: Customizing
TSE39 SAPMSCMP Old version of splitscreen editor
TSRUN TSWUSL_RUN Table Search: Start Screen
TSW1 RFTXM300 SWIFT Generation MT300
TSW2 RFTXM320 SWIFT Generation MT320
TS00 RFVWTR00 Collective processing
TS01 RFVWTR01 Create Securities Transaction
TS02 RFVWTR01 Change Securities Transaction
TS03 RFVWTR01 Execute Securities Order
TS04 RFVWTR01 Settle Securities Contract
TS05 RFVWTR01 Sec. Transaction: Order Expiration
TS06 RFVWTR01 Display Securities Transaction
TS07 RFVWTR01 Reverse Securities Transaction
TS08 RFVWTR01 Securities Transaction: History
TS10 RFVWTR01 Display Securities Transaction
TUTT TUTPROG Workbench Tutorial
TU02 RSTU0000 Parameter changes
TVDT RFTBFF30 Import DTB Derivatives Prices
TVMD RFTBFF20 Transfer Mkt Data
TVM1 MENUTVM1 Market Risk and Analysis
TVS1 RFTVST00 Statistics calculator
TV20 SAPMF7C1 Create Scenario
TV21 SAPMF7C1 Change Scenario
TV22 SAPMF7C1 Display Scenario
TV35 RFTVSK20 Effective Rate/NPV Underlying
TV36 RFTVEX00 Currency exposure
TV38 RFTVBW00 Position Evaluation
TV39 RFTVCF00 Global Evaluation of Cash Flow
TV40 RFTVSK21 Effective Rate Evaluation FX Genera
TV42 RFTVZX00 Interest exposure
TV44 RFTVPL00 P/L Evaluation
TV45 RFTVBW11 Matrix Evaluations
TV46 RFTVBW29 Bond price calc.
TV48 RFTVVAR4 Historical Simulation
TV49 RFTVVAR3 Variance/Covariance
TX.1 SAPMF77A Forex fast entry – spot
TX.3 SAPMF77A Display Forex Transaction
TX.5 SAPMF77A Execute forex order
TX-2 RFTX77SO Maturity schedule for fwd exch.tran
TX-3 RFTX76SO Posting overview
TX-5 SAPMF77A Settle forex transaction
TX/5 SAPMF77A Forex order expiry
TXAK SAPMF7AK Calculation of option premiums
TXA5 RFTX73SO Forex Order Processing
TXBA RFVITXBA Text Module Maintenance
TXF5 SAPMF77A Execute Fixing Order
TXV5 SAPMF77A Execute Fixing Transaction
TXZI SAPMF7ZI Interest calculator
TX01 SAPMF77A Spot/Forward Transaction Entry
TX02 SAPMF77A Change Forex Transaction
TX03 SAPMF77A Display Forex Transaction
TX04 SAPMF77A Reverse Activity
TX05 SAPMF77A Spot/Forward Trans.: Add Activity
TX06 RFTXJL02 Forex: Collective processing
TX10 SAPMF77A Create Forex Swap
TX11 SAPMF77A Rollover on previous basis
TX12 SAPMF77A Premature Settlement
TX13 FTR_FX_COMPBID Create Foreign Exchange Offer
TX14 FTR_FX_COMPBID Execute foreign exchange offer
TX21 SAPMF77A Create Forex Transaction
TX22 FTR_FX_COMPBID Display foreign exchange offer
TX23 FTR_SIMU00 Create foreign exchange simulation
TX24 FTR_SIMU00 Change foreign exchange simulation
TX25 FTR_SIMU00 Display foreign exchange simulation
TX26 FTR_SIMU00 Delete foreign exchange simulation
TX30 FTR_FX_INT_RATEInt. FX Transactions: Rate Overview
TX31 RFTR_INTFX_LAUNCreate Internal Forex Transaction
TX32 RFTR_INTFX_LAUNInternal Forex Transactions Reserve
TX33 RFTR_INTFX_LAUNInternal Forex Transactions Reserve
TX34 RFTR_INTFX_LAUNInternal Forex Transactions Reserve
TX35 RFTR_INTFX_LAUNInternal Forex Transactions Reserve
TX39 RFTR_INTFX_LAUNInternal Forex Transactions Reserve
TX76 SAPMF70M Forex Transaction History
TX78 SAPMF70M Execute order – Forex
TYMN MENUTYMN Treasury Information System (TIS)
TZA0 SAPMTZA0 Dialog Programming: Asynch.Updates
TZB0 SAPMTZB0 Dialog Programming: Doc. and Help
TZ10 SAPMTZ10 Dialog Programming: Data Transport
TZ20 SAPMTZ20 Dialog Programming: F Code Proc.
TZ30 SAPMTZ30 Dialog Programming: Input Check
TZ31 SAPMTZ31 Dialog Programming: Input Check
TZ40 SAPMTZ40 Dialog Programming: Screen Control
TZ50 SAPMTZ50 Dialog Programming: Screen Modif.
TZ60 SAPMTZ60 Dialog Programming: Tables TC
TZ61 SAPMTZ61 Dialog Programming: Tables SL
TZ70 SAPMTZ70 Dialog Programming: Tables SL
TZ80 SAPMTZ80 Dialog Programming: Authorizations
TZ90 SAPMTZ90 Dialog Programming: Locking
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