ABAP/4 FAQ – Dictionary

SAP R/3 Document : FAQ – ABAP/4 Dictionary – DOWNLOAD ABAP/4 Dictionary Q. What is a “DATA DICTIONARY”? A data dictionary is a central source of information for the data in a data management system. Its main function is to support the creation and management of data definitions (or “metadata”). They enable a fast response to the following questions: What … Continua a leggere

ABAP Enhancement and Modifications

ABAP Enhancement & Modifications As part of the enhancement concept, it is possible to enhance ABAP source code, without modifications, using source code plug-ins. You can execute enhancements to implicit and explicit enhancement options. Enhancement Framework Business Add-Ins Business Transaction Events Enhancement Framework The new enhancement concept of the ABAP Workbench (Enhancement Framework) enables the integration of different concepts for modifying … Continua a leggere

SAPScript Important Programs

Here are some useful programs about SapScript: Program Usage RSTXFCAT Program to find out SAP Scirpt names (Search Program) RSTXCDM1 APscript: Sample Program for Form Printing RSTXCNVR Converting SAPscript standard text to RAW format (ASCII) RSTXCPDF Routines for Converting OTF Format to PDF Format RSTXDBUG Activate/Deactivate Form Debugger RSTXFCAT Find Forms RSTXFCPY Copy Forms Between Clients RSTXFCOM Comparison of Two … Continua a leggere

Sap System Fields

  ABCDE Constant: Alphabet (A,B,C,…) APPLI SAP applications BATCH Background active (X)   IF SY-BATCH EQ SPACE. WRITE: / ‘Report was started on-line’. WRITE: / ‘Using variant:’, SY-SLSET. ELSE. WRITE: / ‘Report was started in background’. ENDIF. BATZD Background SUBMIT: Daily BATZM Background SUBMIT: Monthly BATZO Background SUBMIT: Once BATZS Background SUBMIT: Immediately BATZW Background SUBMIT: Weekly BINPT Batch input … Continua a leggere

Single Sign On

If you are one of those admin who faces any of the issues listed below, then SSO is for you. Users access multiple systems, including SAP and non-SAP Systems. Some systems reside in a dedicated network zone in the intranet but many systems reside on different networks or on the Internet. Users need to have different IDs and passwords to … Continua a leggere

Logical Database

Logical databases are special ABAP programs that retrieve data and make it available to application programs. The most common use of logical databases is still to read data from database tables by linking them to executable ABAP programs. However, from Release 4.5A, it has also been possible to call logical databases using the function module LDB_PROCESS. This allows you to … Continua a leggere


There are different types of events in ABAP. Events in Dialog Program PBO – Process Before Output PAI – Process After Input POH – Process on Help POV – Process on Value Request. Events in Classical Report INITIALIZATION AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT AT SELECTION-SCREEN START-OF–SELECTION. TOP OF PAGE END OF PAGE END-OF-SELECTION. Control Break events related to Internal Tables AT NEW … Continua a leggere

Send Appointments or Meetings Requests to Microsoft Outlook

This sample code demonstrates how to send Appointments or Meetings Requests to Microsoft Outlook directly from Sap. There are many possible ways to use this, one very logical and helpful use is to automatically send “vacation”/Leave of absence appointments back to a respective employee and his manager after vacation/leave request approval in SAP HCM. Sending eMails is a very basic … Continua a leggere

SQL tool for SAP – Open & Native Sql

Be carefulll!!!!! These version of SQL Tool is modified by me to permit also UPDATE and DELETE!!!! Read “SAP Table and Field search strategies” in http://sapabap.iespana.es/sapabap/sap/info/search_fields_tables.htm Use SAP_TABLES.exe in http://mysapmynavision.myblog.it/archive/2008/03/28/sap-tables.html and many other excellent resources to navigate the cryptic tables & Colums of SAP SE16 is the best for 1 table inspection & you can open several sessions if you … Continua a leggere