ABAP Enhancement and Modifications

ABAP Enhancement & Modifications

As part of the enhancement concept, it is possible to enhance ABAP source code, without modifications, using source code plug-ins. You can execute enhancements to implicit and explicit enhancement options.

  • Enhancement Framework
  • Business Add-Ins
  • Business Transaction Events

Enhancement Framework

The new enhancement concept of the ABAP Workbench (Enhancement Framework) enables the integration of different concepts for modifying and enhancing development objects. The enhancement concept is supported by the Enhancement Builder tool and ABAP language elements. In the long-term, the new Enhancement Framework is to replace or incorporate the existing enhancement and modification concepts.

Getting Started

Enhancement Framework – The New Way to Enhance Your ABAP Systems   (PDF 460 KB)

SAP NetWeaver Product Manager Oliver Mayer presented this content during the ABAP Online Meetup Series.

Switch Framework Demo  

This audio visual demonstration by Oliver Mayer features the Switch Framework.

Introduction to the Enhancement Framework  

SAP NetWeaver Product Manager Venky Varadadesigan introduces the concepts of the Enhancement Framework.

What the New Enhancement Framework Is For – Its Basic Structure and Elements For Beginners  

This blog from SAP NetWeaver Product Manager Thomas Weiss describes what SAP does to bridge the gap between standard software and proprietary solutions.

More on Enhancement Framework

Source Code Enhancements – Part 5 of the Series on the New Enhancement Framework  

In this blog you learn in which cases it is useful to define an enhancement option and to define an enhancement point, how to implement it and how to replace an existing implementation.


Here are the steps to create enhancement into SAP Abap program Code. For sample case, I use routine number 101 of data transfer from sales order item data to delivery order item (include program: FV50C101)


1. On abap workbench, choose File – Enhance




2. Set the cursor on the corresponding ENHANCEMENT-SECTION or ENHANCEMENT-POINT statement then choose Edit – Enhancement Operation – Create






3. On the pop up screen, click “create new enhancement” button







4. Next on the pop up screen, fill enhancement id and description and click ok.





5. Select the created enhancement id and click ok.





6. Add or modify source code plug-ins included in code by means of ENHANCEMENT and ENDENHACEMENT.





After add or modify enhancement, do not forget to save and activate it. Saving enhancement is same as save abap program. To activate sap abap program code enhancement, just click “activate enhancement” button on the top.


Business Add-Ins

SAP Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) are one of the most important technologies used to adapt SAP software to specific requirements. BAdIs were introduced with Release 4.6 and replace function module exits. This technology is not limited to SAP applications. BAdI calls can be integrated in customer applications. These can then be enhanced by other customer applications. In the various SAP applications, BAdI calls are implemented at places where enhancements are appropriate.

Getting Started

Introducing Business Add-Ins   (PDF 219 KB)

SDN Contributor Aveek Ghose introduces the original BAdi concepts.

Implementing a BAdI in an Enhancement Project (CMOD)   (PDF 233 KB)

This article by SDN Contributor Glen Spalding demonstrates older BAdI techniques.

How to Define a New BAdI Within the Enhancement Framework  

This blog is part three of the series on the new Enhancement Framework and shows you how to define a new BAdI in the new Enhancement Framework. You learn how to create a BAdI with the respective tools in the ABAP Workbench, how to use the relevant commands in ABAP, and how to provide a default class for a BAdI.

More on BAdI

How to implement a BAdI And How to Use a Filter  

In this blog you learn how to create a BAdI implementation, how to add a filter to a BAdI definition, how to create a filter condition in a BAdI implementation, and the relevant ABAP code to use a filter when calling a BAdI.

Business Transaction Events

Business Transaction Events (Open FI) The Open FI enhancement technique was developed in the Financial Accounting component. Open FI is based upon the following principles: Application developers must define their interface in a function module, an assignment table is read in the accompanying (generated) code, and the customer modules assigned are called dynamically. This technique differentiates between enhancements that are only allowed to have one implementation and enhancements that can call multiple implementations in any sequence desired. Both industry-specific and country-specific enhancements may be defined.

Getting Started

FI Enhancement Technique – How-To-Guide on the usage of Business Transaction Events – BTE   (PDF 360 KB)

This article by SDN Contributor Lakshman Tandra provides a step-by-step guide on the use of Business Transaction Events as an Enhancement technique in the Financial Accounting Module of the SAP R/3 system.

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  1. As part of the enhancement concept, it is possible to enhance ABAP source code, without modifications, using source code plug-ins. You can execute enhancements to implicit and explicit enhancement options.

    * Enhancement Framework
    * Business Add-Ins
    * Business Transaction Events

    Here this options are explained in an easy way.

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