RFPOSX custom fields

If you need extra field on FS10N, FBL1N, FBL3N, FBL5N, ecc… you need to extend RFPOSX structure.

Let’s see how to do this.

General info

Index tables (tables: BSID/BSAD/BSIK/BASK/BSIS/BSAS)
the system always reads the line items depending on the transaction and the selection made on the selection screen from the tables listed above.

Structure RFPOSX
contains the most important fields from the index tables in addition to calculated fields, such as the ‘Probable Payment Date’ (ZALDT) and the ‘Net Due Date’ (FAEDT), for example. The calculation takes place in function module ITEM_DERIVE_FIELDS.

contains all of the fields of structure RFPOSX and the special fields which are defined in table T021S. These fields start with ‘U_’.

How to

– Define new fields using transaction FAKP Account -> Display line items -> Special fieldsAccount -> Display line items -> Special fields or directly SM30 with view V_T021S:


The fields you enter on this screen are saved in table T021S. Afterwards, the system generates structure RFPOSXEXT automatically so that the special fields starting with ‘U_’ are appended to structure RFPOSX.

– Execute report RFPOSXEXTEND

– You structure are now updated, but ALV need to be updated

– Run report BALVBUFDEL to delete ALV Buffer

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