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BW InfoSources are sets of logically-related InfoObjs that are available in the form of a communication structure.
Multiple DataSources can be assigned to an InfoSource, either from different source systems or not. Exceptions: Only one source system for hierarchies InfoSource.

In transfer rule maintenance,

  • you assign DataSource to InfoSource;
  • determine whether the communication structure is filled with fixed values from the transfer structure fields or not
  • create transfer rules using constant, formula or conversion routine to fill communication structure  from transfer structure fields.
  • create start routine if use PSA transfer method (not IDOC) to load data.

The conversion routine always refers to just one InfoObject of the transfer structure.


The transfer structure is used to transfer data into the BI system. The data is transferred 1:1 from the transfer structure of the source system into the transfer structure of the BI.

You don’t need assign InfoObjects to each field of the transfer structure, except for non-SAP systems.

InfoSource with flexible updating: use update rules to update from the communication structure of the InfoSource into further InfoProviders.
Several data targets can be supplied by one InfoSource.

Flexible updating is used for:
Attributes and texts are delivered together in a file;
Attributes and texts come from several DataSources;
Master data in the ODS layer;
Transaction data;

InfoSources with direct updating: for master data to be written to the master data tables directly (without update rules).

InfoObjs can’t use direct updating: characteristic has neither master data nor texts nor hierarchies;0SOURSYSTEM;a unit or a key figure.

Hierarchies must use direct updating.

To generate an export DataSource for a characteristic, the characteristic must also be an InfoSource with direct updating.

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